The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88887

Weatherby seemed to be gasping for breath.

There was an uncomfortable pause, after which The Queen said, "Surely you've heard of my daughter Agra?"

"Ah yes, indeed I have," said Lord Dred in a voice which didn't convince Astra much. "Interesting title you have, Princess."

Nobody said anything, so Lord Dred continued, "I understand you have a brother, is that correct?" Still no response. "How is he styled?"

"Your Highness," came Weatherby's voice, "Prince Alexander bears no such title; men are not allowed to rule in Aquilaria."

There was an even longer pause. Finally, Lord Dred said, "Indeed," after which there was silence again.

The Queen broke the silence: "Lord Dred, I must make you notice that we are losing sunlight, cutting our activity short."

Lord Dred opened his mouth to speak, but before they could hear his reply, Agra said, "You will not kill the fox."

"What was that, deary?" said The Queen.

"Don't kill the fox!"

The Queen strained herself. "Agra, why don't you go play, and let the grown-ups discuss the things you do not understand?"

"I do understand! You're going to chase down and kill the cute little fox they brought the other day!"

"Well," said Lord Dred, taken aback, "technically we are, but I hadn't actually..."

"Well I'm not letting you! Foxes are cute animals! Astra thinks so too! Right, Astra?" Agra turned to the staircase for support

  1. ...but Astra wasn't there anymore
  2. Astra poked her head shyly from the staircase. Weatherby hurried to say, "Princes Astra of Themyscria! Future ruler of The Kingdom of Aquilaria, and the lands of Aquilarian conquests yet to come!"

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