Astra Has Second Thoughts

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 108050

As she left the palace behind her, Astra wondered if she was being foolish. Where was she going to go? No one was likely to believe her if she claimed to be twenty-five rather than the ten year-old that she appeared. Also as soon as she was missed her mother would launch a massive search operation to find her. She was also now out in the palace grounds where, in the very near future, a foxhunt was about to begin. That would hardly help her chances of avoiding discovery.

And another thing. Was she betraying the resolution that she had made to relive her childhood and this time not to be a spoilt brat? Wasn't running away just the sort of thing that a spoilt brat would do?

  1. It might be, but even so she knew that she could no longer stand the artificial life of the palace, made all the worse by being a powerless child. She headed for where a tree grew up close to the outer wall, intent on using it to escape the grounds.
  2. It was, she decided. She sighed and began to retrace her steps.
  3. But before she could make up her mind, someone spotted her.

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JH (Episode 88888, eh? You hit the jackpot, Ben. :)

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