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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8887

The Doctor looks like it just dawned upon him halfway through the story. A look of speculation.....and perhaps hope?

It may have been a while. Nothing in the dirty sense of it, but he may have wanted to get back into of things as far as deep relations go?

Gods would do his hearts a world of good for a little bit of company in that regard.

"I....accept," the Time Lord blinks, suddenly dizzy with the prospects..... of where this could lead.

Melissa smiled a small smile as she closes her eyes to return to slumber. She had been able to overhear, through the acoustics of the room, most of the Doctor's story. It explained much as to just why the guy never would tell her his name.....nor showed even a small trace of interest.

"Because though he's lonely he doesn't want to repeat the pain....." Melissa smiled and passed out.

Inquirer and the others hear that softly said set of words. The Doctor coughs in slight embarrassment and smiles and makes plans on where to take Inquirer on his first (in centuries) "date." He also smiles at the slack jawed and strange noises coming from Ragan.

"Are you going to be all right, my dear?" the Doctor says kindly as Ragan shakes her head as if to clear it.

"Oh, sure I'll be all right," Ragan finally says with a ironic smile. "Just trying to get my jaw back off the floor and keeping myself from heart attack and all.

"I just was not expecting to ever see something like that," Ragan continues as the trio enters the dark domain of the Master.

At least not until the end of....say the TV premier movie of Doctor Who.... she qualified to herself. This does make a bit of sense....being that Inquirer, though she looks and acts it, isn't human and by all accounts could very well have a "lifespan" as long as the Doctor.....

The unconscious Melissa is examined by magical (the Doctor's) and scientific (Inquirer's) scans and found to be in decent shape, considering. Melissa will need plenty of bed rest to recover from her ordeal and her Matrix has been strained, but will recover in time.

Quickly, Inquirer magically levitates the unconscious woman's body off the floor and they quickly head back to the other TARDIS.

The Doctor is staring at Dr. Who's written equation goggled eyed, having just read and understood the footnotes explaining the rather odd symbols that were only found on Terra Prime (and various parallel worlds).

  1. "Now do you believe me?" Doctor Who asks his counterpart.

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