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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8882

Melissa, still somewhat logy from whatever had hit her (that heat shimmer whatisit), looks up blearily from the floor were she lay as the door opened and she sees the Doctor (why is he wearing that neat golden pendant?), her "twin" (who else could it be that looked like her?), and a rather oddly dressed woman (medieval gear with....a glittering sapphire on her forehead?!).

They seem to be having an argument.

"But that's.....absurd!" the Doctor sputtered, aghast at what the sythetic woman was asking for!

It was....unthinkable!

"Ah, you gotta admit it's a bit odd," Ragan muttered to nobody in particular.

Inquirer rolls her eyes in exasperation.

"Why?" she says patiently. "Why is it absurd? It isn't like I'm asking you to bed me. To marry me! I'm just asking you out on a simple date."

"But...." the Time Lord begins.

The Doctor looks and sees that the mechanized maiden will not be swayed.


Maybe if he explained....slowly.

Gods! He never thought he'd tell another living soul about this, but....there was something about Inquirer and Ragan that.....merited at least a little trust.

Besides, they said that talking about things that hurt made it feel better....eventually.

Anyway, it was time for this Time Lord to tell tales!

The Doctor had been carrying this inside for a while now. Ever since the day.......

"You don't understand," he whispered, "You see....."

Ragan blinks and nods. She'd thought something like this was the case!

I thought so. she sighs to herself. >from what he's told us this relutence of his is linked to his exile and force regeneration due to him interfering with the outside universe. I had my own personal pet theory about that... My theory is that Susan' grandmother was actually human. I am right (Which would perhaps explain how Susan ended up with a thoroughly Terran name like "Susan!") There might well have been an element of scandal in that (the Time Lords being such insular, snobbish types, I doubt they'd look kindly on "consorting with aliens"), that might have been part of what pressured him to leave Gallifrey. By the sound of the bit of anger in the Doctor's voice, it sounds just like that. Of course, said grandmother is no doubt be long dead by now, humans having such notoriously short lifespans....poor guy! And that fact had been traumatic enough that he simply swore off humans thereafter. (And I rather think *that* fact might have had something to do with why he dumped Sarah Jane off so abruptly, but that may simply be me, uh, reading things in that weren't necessarily there.

Ragan silently shakes her head at the last part of that inanity, and sighs.

"But I think we are missing one point....Time Lord," Inquirer smiled a maddenly calm smile. "I'm not human. My types are something like kissing cousin, but......"

The Doctor looks like it just dawned upon him halfway through the story. A look of speculation.....and perhaps hope?

It may have been a while. Nothing in the dirty sense of it, but he may have wanted to get back into of things as far as deep relations go?

  1. "I....accept," the Time Lord blinks, suddenly dizzy with the prospects..... of where this could lead.

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