What is in a name?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88787

"All right," you say. "Let's suppose for a moment I accept my name is Fred. What is your name?"


"That sounds like a mouse name. Don't you have a human name, like Fred?"

Astra shakes her head. "My human name is Astra."

"And why does it sound so... forest-y?"

"It was a tradition in my kingdom to use Hindu names and the like."

"Your kingdom?"


"You had a kingdom?"

"I... can't remember. But it's more likely that I lived in a kingdom."

"Oh, okay. Which kingdom?"

"I can't remember."

"Oh, that's real useful"

"See? you're being a Jerk, just like Fred was! You can't even remember your name! What's wrong with me being unable to remember where I'm from?"

  1. You disclose that you remember where you are from
  2. You eat the mouse for calling you a jerk
  3. You let the mouse go

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