Thou art Fred

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88786

"Wait, you think I'm Fred?" you ask.

"Yes," says the mouse

"Fred D'honaire?"


"Lord Fred D'honaire?" Somehow, emphasizing the "lord" makes your ego feel better.


"The Lord of the Duchy of Suffex, Allaria?"


"But how do I know all that?"

"Like I told you, you're Fred!"

"And like I told you, I can't be Fred, I'm a gal!"

"Look, I don't know very well how this reincarnation thing works, but obviously, reincarnating into a body of a different gender is possible."

"What are you..."

But she interrupts you. "Okay, Fred, we need to work this out together, and maybe we'll regain our humanity. Deal?"

"Humanity? You mean I was a human?"

"Oh, no" she says sarcastically, "You ruled over Suffex as a cat!"

"For some reason, I find your sarcasm really annoying."

"More proof for me that you're Fred. Now, Fred, do we have a deal?"

You look at the mouse curiously. Cats don't usually strike deals with their prey, and it could all be a scheme to weasel out of being eaten; but if what she was saying is true, the payoff of this deal was extremely great and extremely long term, since you knew humans could basically eat whatever they wanted.

  1. Strike the deal with the mouse
  2. Say "I don't do deals with mice, I do dinners!" and eat it
  3. Refuse the deal and let the mouse go

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