A good wash

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88779

Fred had a nagging doubt. Did that mean he had taken the wrong turn? He looked back; the other path led out of the cave. There had to be water inside! He ran on and came to another fork. What was it with this cave? Why were there so many forks? Down the left path he could hear a stream, while down the right there was a strange light. But he didn't care how dark it was, he needed water!

"Hey!" cried out Astra, and lacking a better name to refer to the voice, added, "Hey world! I'm talking to you! What are you doing?"

The world again ignored her calls, and suddenly the breeze which only came once a stomp, enveloped her.

Fred took off his shoe. It was a good shoe for the warm weather, because it let a little air in. He put his food into the stream. It was cold! "No matter," he thought, "I have to wash this off. It's driving me up the walls!"

There was then something very cold, sliding all over her, something that actually felt good. "Hey, world! What is this? Is this water?"

"Ahhh!" said the voice to itself. "Nothing like a little water to make you feel better!"

"So it is water," though Astra. And suddenly, she remembered something... well two things:
"That version of Fred may even wash his feet once in awhile!"
and "You’ll be able to move up in the life following that one."

Wash? Feet? Move up? What did it all mean? And why was the voice so similar to 'the world's voice?

She suddenly started noticing that something – something large, elongated, and round – was rubbing against her body, rolling it up. What did it mean?

"Hey, World!" she called out again. "Are you Fred! Are you washing? What's going on?"

  1. Fred finally acknowledges Astra's voice and stops
  2. Fred succeeds in washing Astra-the-fungus off. Astra dies
  3. Fred succeeds in cleaning his foot and puts his shoe back on

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