Oh, look! a chest!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88785

"Ahhh!" said Fred to himself. "That feels much better. That horrible itchiness is gone! Stupid telepathic fungus."

He put his shoe back on, and noticed he hadn't dried his foot. Oh well, it's not like he had anything to dry it off with. His shoe felt soggy.

"I should go on," thought Fred to himself, but he stopped, for in the middle of the stream was a treasure chest, floating.

Fred immediately thought of Astra, and how she rambled on and on about her lost clothes and weapons. Could this chest be hers? He looked at it closely, as it bobbled in the current; it didn't seem to be a woman's chest. But then again, Astra wasn't exactly an ordinary woman; she was a warrior. If the chest wasn't Astra's, surely it contained a lot of treasure! But couldn't this treasure belong to someone else?

  1. Fred turns around and looks for Astra
  2. Fred dives into the water, and swims towards the chest
  3. Fred sits to think: who else could this chest belong to?

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