Astra the Moth

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 42133

The moth emerged from her chrysalis. "What a strange dream," she thought, as her wings warmed up for the first time. "And how absurd it was. Me? A human reincarnated into a fungus? Living on a world called Fred? It's a good thing it's over, and I won't need to think about reincarnation, nor moving up, ever again."

Her wings were ready, and she flapped them. "Oh, they're so beautiful! Even the butterflies should be envious!" She started towards one of the many torches in the tunnel, trying out her wings.

Just then, there was a mysterious downward gust around her, and five fat bodies flew past. She turned back and saw... a human! A second look made her realize that she knew this human! It was Fred! Fred D'honaire! How did she know that name?

She had to run! She had to flee! Whoever Fred was, he going to catch her!

  1. The moth escapes!
  2. Fred catches the moth between his cupped hands, intent on putting her in a jar
  3. Fred squashes the moth! (eww!)

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