The mouse's argument

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88777

You push the mouse away, but don't quite let it go yet, and keep its tail under your paw. How do you know this isn't just a ploy to get away? If it turns out the mouse made this all up, you can still eat it.

"Okay, mouse, why are cou calling me Fred?"

"Because you seem to bear an uncanny resemblance to him!"

"To who?"

"To Fred!"

"Who the heck is Fred?"

"He was someone I met in another life."

"Great," you think, "A nutcase!" but an instinct within you reminds you that cats love to play with your food, so, plaing along, you ask, "And why would I be Fred? Isn't Fred a boy's name?"

"Yes, yes, it is, but I've been through so much lately, I can probably finger a Fred anywhere, and not be wrong."

"Okay, suppose I am this Fred, what do you care? What is this 'so much you've been through' that makes you care so much about my name?"

"Where should I start? I was a human and was killed. Then I was reincarnated as a fungus, and killed again. Then I was reincarnated as a moth, and killed again! And in all those cases, Fred D'honaire was responsible for my death! And you're being a jerk, by the way, which sort of proves you are Fred."

You feet a sudden surge of wisdom. Lord Fred D'honaire, Duchy of Suffex, Great Kindom of Allaria. How do you know all this?

  1. You tell the mouse what you just remembered
  2. You eat the mouse for calling you a jerk
  3. You let the mouse go

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