I'll be back in time (ropeless version)

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88762

"Wait, you actually mean going back in time?"


"But why?"

"Haven't you ever heard that if you were to relive your life, you'd do things differently?"

"But is such a thing even possible?"

"Of course it is! Haven't you hard of the out-of-body experience of the King of..."

"All right! I get the point."

Astra suddenly turned thoughtful. "I could, for instance, try being nice to Fred, and see if things turn out differently. Or... or try being a less spoilled child! Or maybe I could go back to before it was kidnapped and..."

But she was interrupted. "Astra, before you choose when in time you want to be sent back, you are aware that once we send you back, you cannot take back your choice? That although you will retain some memories from this, your body will move and act like that of the age you choose to be?"

"Yes, I do."

"Okay then, Astra," he said, as the white light around them got brighter. "Since the decision has been made, and there's no turning back, I only need you to tell me one thing: when do you want to be sent back to?"

  1. "Uh, can't I get one last look at what Fred's doing before I go?"
  2. "Send me back to when I was chained to the wall"
  3. "Send me back to my palace, shortly before I was kidnapped"
  4. "Send me back to my childhood"

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