The choices of one who has drowned without a rope

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88758

She thought it was best not to lose the light, and went towards it. Soon, she was surrounded by it.

When the light dimmed, she found herself in front of a bearded figure with white robes. She also noticed that she was wearing a robe herself, similar to the ones she had seen on angels in paintings. She also seemed to be able to feel again, for the ground felt very soft under her feet; as if it were made of water vapor; however, she no longer felt wet.

"Well Astra," the figure said, "you sure have had an interesting life."

"What do you mean?" Astra said, having nothing better to say.

"You were a spoiled child, yet while your parents were waging war, you were attending your kingdom's domestic affairs. You were as dutiful in your studies as you were in your training, but that training was to be a ruthless killer. During the times you were in charge, you gave what you could to the poor and tended to the needy; and yet, ever since you were kidnapped, you've been a bitch to Fred."

"Hey! That last comment was a little uncalled for!"

"I know, he deserved it, but you could've done so much better." He sighed. "Astra, I just don't know what to do with you, so I'm going to let you choose."

  1. Astra asks to enter heaven
  2. Astra asks to see hell
  3. Astra asks to return to Earth as a ghost
  4. Astra asks to rewind time

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