The disadvantages of ectoplasm (drowned version)

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88761

"Are you sure that's what you want, Astra? Being a ghost isn't exactly fun, you know. Things go through you, you can't have much influence on the phyiscal world, and once you are sent down, you cannot change your mind until all your 'unfinished business' is complete."

"I'm sure of it! I have way too much left to do; killing the dragon was only part of it. And clearly, now that my body has been swpet away by the currents, I don't have any other way to return."

"But Astra, you won't be alive! You won't be able to feel or taste or..."

"I get the point. My decision stands."

"You are prepared to pay the price of returning to Earth?"

"Yes, I am, Saint Peter."

"All right... did you just call me Peter?"

"Yes. Are you not Saint Peter, Keeper of the Pearly Gates?"

"While these are the Pearly Gates, you can't honestly expect the First Apostle to stay here the whole time. I'm Simon, and I'm subbing for him today."


"Well, get ready, Astra! I'm seding you back."

Before Astra could say anything else, the light had engulfed her again. When it receded, she found that she was...

  1. back in the tunnel
  2. back at her palace
  3. in the middle of nowhere

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