What are we gonna do?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88711

The ghost rose again, but this time she appeared to be carrying something. Fred and velus turned to her, astonished, and backed away as she lay it on the ground.

It was Astra (or rather, what was left of Astra). It took a while for the truth to sink in: Astra was dead!

"Astra," cried Fred. "Astra! Nooooo!"

"What happened? Why did this happen?" These questions had been rhetoric, and addressed at nobody in particular, but he now turned towards the ghost. "What happened? You must tell me! Oh, it's no use, you probably don't understand a word of what I'm saying!"

If the ghost did understand, she gave no sign of it. She was looking around, anxiously. She had been expecting Astra to come back as a ghost, but she was taking too long.

"She's gone," Fred snivelled. "She's gone forever. There's only one thing for me to do:

  1. "Velus, stand guard. I'm going down there to do the ghost's bones myself"
  2. "Velus, you must go down there and bring out the ghost's bones"
  3. "Velus, help me burry her"
  4. "Velus, we must take her body back to her parents"

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