Fred descends

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88713

Velus couldn't beleive his ears. Before he could ask, he saw Fred strip off his precious armor and start towards the ledge.

"Oh, and Velus. If a single part of my armor is missing, or peed on, when I come back, I'll kill you, you hear?"

Velus didn't know whether he was kidding or not, but Fred quickly disappeared over the edge.

Fred started climbing down. This was hard! There were barely any footholds! How could Astra even think of this? "Even with a the help of a rope..." he thought, bit didn't finish the thought, for he reached the bottom.

As his feet made contact with the ground, the water stopped swirling.

"Hookay... This is wierd..."

He looked at the water. He would half to swim across and his undergarments would get wet. Astra maybe had been a better choice for the task after all, but she was no longer around.

  1. Fred strips his clothes off and dives into the water
  2. Fred dives into the water, clothed
  3. A skeleton, made out of the ghost's bones, seemed to appear out of nowhere and strangled him!

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