Whose turn is it?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88707

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"Well," said Fred, "it's your turn, Velus. Remember, you're playing the X's."

Velus was getting sick of hearing Fred say that. Of course he was playing the X's! What other shape could he draw in the dirt without opposable thumbs? However, the thought of winning calmed him down, and he played in the bottom-right corner.

"Curses, Velus! You won again! I can't beleive I'm being beaten by a dog!"

Velus growled. He was also getting sick of being called a dog.

Fred surveyed the ground. "We've played eleven games since Astra descended," he thought aloud, "and we haven't heard from her. I wonder what she's up to?" Velus looked at him puzzled.

Fred turned to Velus. "I mean, maybe we should go check on her, make sure she didn't lose the rope, or something. What do you say Velus?"

  1. "I'll go down to check on her and you guard the entrance"
  2. "You go down to check on her and I'll guard the entrance"
  3. Just then, the ghost rose again

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