It was a test

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 88705

"I... what?" Astra was sure she had lost it.

"You passed! You passed the test, Astra!"

"What? You mean this whole thing was a test?"

"Of course it was! A test of humility."

"But... why?"

"Because humility is a virtue that..."

"No, no. I mean why did you test me?"

"Oh. Well, it's like I told you, Astra. Your case is rather interesting. We needed a way to settle the decision of what to do with you."

"And... what happens now?"

"Now? Now you enter Heaven!"

Astra couldn't contain her excitement. "Really? I can?"


"No... no re-evaluations? No purgatory?"

"No tricks at all."

Astra stood there, letting the good news sink in. Then she ran up to the old man, that horribly-bearded centuries-old old man, and kissed him very dearly.

With the echoing of an angelic chorus, the Pearly Gates opened to admit her in.

  1. Meanwhile, Fred was wondering what was taking Astra so long

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