Catching a Unexpected Ride

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8683

There are times that even the Doctor (whichever one you talk to) has to wonder if the novelist Douglass Adams had it correct when he portrayed the universe as a whole being something a bit absurd in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. What happens next sure would be something worthy of a scene with Arthur Dent!

Dr. Which (a nickname that he'd sighed and accepted as being unavoidable) secretly told his brother (Dr. What) who'd landed in the Master's bathroom that for one insane second he'd even looked around for an intelligent shade of blue, so weird is what happens.


Well.....maybe not, but it was weird!

It began with a simple gesture of courtesy.

"There now," Dr. Which says as his TARDIS materializes next to Dr. Who's TARDIS. "With that my brother should have no trouble being on his way in a moment.

"Yes, I'd say that's a good thing," Inquirer says, nodding. "considering the stakes I'd say he'd be burning to get at it....."

Inquirer pauses, flushing a bit.

"Sorry again for the rude awakening....." she begins, only to be waved to silence by the Doctor.

"My dear, I understand it being a high stress situation," the Time Lord acknowledges, "that in and of itself excused you of what would otherwise be considered beastly behavior."

The Time Lord smiles, straightening his bathrobe (Inquirer suppresses a chuckle at the question marks besotted clothing).

"Now that the situation isn't quiet so pressing perhaps we should go and inform the others of recent developments," the Time Lord says heading over to the entrance to this TARDIS. The Time Lord worries not about being embarrassed at being seen in a bathrobe....for those few people out and about at this time at night would probably just mistake him for his magic using brother....dressed in somewhat elaborate wizardry robes.

"Do be kind and run ahead while I change and freshen up.....oops!" this Doctor begins as he opens the door and starts to hand over the note that Inquirer gave him. A stiff breeze had picked up earlier that night and was still blowing about. The same breeze that tears the note from the Time Lords hands before he can hand it to Inquirer.

"Shit," Inquirer mutters as she races past the Time Lord to grab the note before it got away (and found it's way into Creator knows who's hands.....the contents of that note could cause a few problems).

The breeze playfully gushes up and plasters the sheaf of paper up against the other TARDIS that Dr. Who had, in a moment of whimsy, had changed to look like his old TARDIS. Inquirer shouts in triumph and makes a dive for the paper, and then shouts again in surprise as a grinding sound similar (but not the same as) the grinding sound the TARDIS she just rode in. The bloody thing is dematerializing and she's TOUCHING IT!

Having fallen in love with the few Dr. Who episodes she'd been able to view in the traditional consumption (i.e. watching it in real time instead of massive, quick download format as to better....savor the "flavor" of the show), the female AI/golem unfortunately was not sure whether or not letting go of the TARDIS now would prove to be as disastrous as what would happen to her in some magical spells. That is, if she let go now would she be left in some type of half dematerialized state only to have her body discorporate (i.e. disintegrate) just as what would happen if she'd flubbed a Dematerialization spell badly enough?! She hadn't seen enough Dr. Who to even hazard a guess!

She has no idea if the same would happen in this case, but sure as Hell didn't want to find out the hard way. Instead, she instead grabs a hold with her other hand a corner of the TARDIS that offered her steel like grip a chance of hanging on.

Amazing what you can do when properly motivated....

The Doctor who'd been nicknamed Dr. Which just stares at the spot where the other TARDIS and the female golem had just been, and.....says something that you'd normally wouldn't here him say in the television series.

It is a good thing that the golem is as strong as she is, for that means that she'd be able to hang onto the other TARDIS all the way back to the Earth that was 50 light years from here.

The Doctor knew this, for he'd seen the damage done to his TARDIS's lock. That had been a real eye opener for the Time Lord.

But this was the FIRST time he'd actually seen somebody take a ride on the OUTSIDE of a TARDIS!

It wasn't quiet the same thing as when he accidently traveled sideways in time to that fascist version of England. The realms between time streams seemed to be less hostile to organic life....for the short term at least.

The same wasn't true for traveling the ORDINARY way through time via TARDIS. Then again, Inquirer wasn't quiet what you'd call ordinary....

The Doctor rushes to get halfway dressed before running out to tell the Regent and the father of Inquirer (Probe) what had happened and that while Inquirer and the others may be safe and may be a while before they show up again. Even with a time machine, he and his brothers ran into the oddest of delays by being sidetracked.

Inquirer nearly screams as the TARDIS begins to tumble about on it's axis, causing her feet to fly out behind her (thank the Creator for that grip!) She drops the note that had gotten her into this predicament (making a mental note to give herself fifty lashes verbally to herself for being stupid enough to GET in this predicament) and then locks her other hand around the spot that she'd been hanging onto for dear life. As she keeps spinning about, she sees the sheaf of paper float off into the blackness of.....this realm between. If she let go, she'd be forever floating between!

Things had been getting stranger and stranger for herself and the other golems (the traditional magic based ones and the science/magic hybrids like herself). She had, like Probe, had been getting stranger and stranger readings from several internal components within her Avatar body but had though nothing of it, since the mages who'd examined her said that if anything the changes were improving her new body....not tearing it apart.

At roughly a similar time frame the old golems from the Suez Channel had noticed some internal changes in themselves and had been cloistered away, doing various magical self diagnostics to ascertain the cause and what the final outcome would be. Then, a few days ago a change had hit all at the same time. Various things that changed the entire....picture for the beings known as golems.

The traditional golems were flabbergasted to find themselves mutated into the scientific/magical hybrid form that their friends, Probe and Inquirer, had become a while earlier.....with a new twist.

Causes unknown. Perhaps a sign from the Creator?

This twist also is now evident in the older hybrids, also.

What is it? Well, let's just say that the "golems" they magic based or science based, looked like ordinary human beings (that is....the better grade of "golem"). However, they were not what you'd call an actual race for they can not reproduce....until now.

Uh, let's just put it this way. Do you remember what Rosepaw, the aware vixen mate to Sigin Vulpine back in episode 4597, saw as Inquirer exited the bathing pool? Something about a lack of.....well....secondary indicators of one's sex? Well, Probe and Inquirer now have those indicators...and the internal equipment that goes with it (that befit the sexes that they'd looked like before....i.e. Probe has male secondary indicators while Inquirer has.....).

Ah, never mind!

Let's just say they are now an actual race, by means unknown!

Probe and Inquirer had first been put off by this change (it reminded them of the unpopular and distasteful "Seduction Model" (re: 4597) that the Company had tried to push on the Military for those times when human quislings to the Enemy must be eliminated). Then they'd secretly gotten together with the other golems and decided that it'd be best to approach their non-cybernetic friends on Terra Prime and seek some type of haven in the lands of Ethiopia and Aqualaria. When the other humans learn that the much feared creatures known as golems have gained the ability to reproduce......

Crazy.....and perhaps something that will be an important thing in future episodes of this saga!

But then, Terra Prime has been known to have STRANGE things happen on it...and to several people who spend time on it or near parallel versions of it!

Now I'm hurtling through the void....hanging onto the TARDIS's exterior for dear life! Inquirer laughs to herself. Diane is never going to believe this!! Ah, but at least I guess I get to be in on the action....for a bit.

Inquirer chuckles silently in the airless regions of this void, just hanging on.

  1. So, later...
  2. Back on Terra Prime, "Dr Which" knows that he has an unwelcome task he must perform.

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