What on Terra?

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8694

Actually, two somethings appear.

The first is a blue police box with a flashing light on it. The Doctor knows that it's the way HIS TARDIS looks and would say that this is an identical copy of it.....except for the sound that it makes when it rematerializes was all wrong! It sounded more like....the Master's TARDIS when it is grinding in and out of sight...... This in itself would make the Doctor a touch leery, for though that very reason! Had the Master planned on a doublecross and try to make an escape, somehow? If so, then the Doctor would like to know how the Master had been able to get his own TARDIS to land in this TARDIS (a feat that was all but impossible by most remote control devices). Then the Doctor's eyes fall upon the other "object" that.....seems to have a death grip on a corner of this TARDIS!

The Doctor's jaw drops in absolute shock as the female human looking figure starts to move!

The Master, making ready to make a dash to his TARDIS and safety (just as he'd planned it) pauses in surprise as several things make themselves known to his keen mind. His plans of double cross, escape, and making the needed adjustments to bring about stability to this region of space to where the VLA would do what he'd intended instead of erasing this entire region from space (his clients wouldn't be pleased otherwise). He had every intention of completing his quest, and twitting the Doctor by using the fool's own TARDIS in the process to help do it! But there were problems arising. First was the fact that the door to what he thought was his TARDIS was opening on it's own (must be that Melissa girl these fools had been moaning about). Second was the fact that by the signal that he'd routed through the Doctor's TARDIS should have drawn his TARDIS to this very room as it appeared while it had while parked in the VLA facility. His TARDIS should still be in the shape of a large cabinet of various electronic equipment, not morphed into an exact copy of the Doctor's The Master had used one theory in his quest to bring about the destruction of mankind via the VLA (the burst should have temporarily nulled a few minor functions of his TARDIS.....including the chameleon circuit...an otherwise minor annoyance). This theorem he'd used was supposed to have just "reeled" his TARDIS in by having the Doctor's TARDIS emit a chronostatic burst frequency of high coherency (uh....don't make me explain....I can't follow the math of most of that Logopolian mathematician).

But as it was, his rewiring had certain unforeseen side effects with the tampering of a certain Addventure Author by the name of Scott Chen. Author Scott Chen had, via his godlike powers, altered the workings of several of the components of the Doctor's control columns. This diddling would have caused the TARDIS to land somewhere in a relatively distant universe and then strand the Doctor and companions in a region where the Twins would be harassed by superstitious natives who's opinion of the Twins of Doom had been somewhat poisoned by the crazed Author.

Instead, the Master's meddling caused this Doctor's TARDIS to be swiftly and silently shifted to the Moon of and Earth that had been transplanted from yet another galaxy to a spot that was roughly fifty light years away from a world called Terra Prime.

It had also dragged his TARDIS (along with an unconscious Melissa) to a spot fifty meters (or metres if you prefer) from the sight of where this Doctor's TARDIS had landed, the sight of Tranquillity Base. An overturned American flag (blasted over and blown around a bit by the rocket exhaust of the departing Americans of a few decades earlier) lay only a few inches from the Master's TARDIS's door.

As if that wasn't enough, it had dragged a certain TARDIS that a Doctor (nicknamed Dr. Who by some) smack dab into the very spot that had been intended by the treacherous Master.

All this is as yet unknown to the others.

What is known and what surprises all is the vicious CRACK and tinkling sound that is made as the forestry clothing, perhaps the only nonmagical item on the golem known as Inquirer, SHATTERS into millions of pieces as she forces her half frozen (only half, despite the exposure to the vicious cold of the void the TARDIS she'd ridden on the OUTSIDE of, due to the fact that the skin that she wore was now an alchemicist/chemist's nightmare). The fluid capillary system that fed her synthetic skin's nutrient/chemical needs was half gelled due to the vicious cold, so at the moment she could only move and respond at human speed at the maximum.

Those of the other TARDIS and those of THIS TARDIS stare at the naked form of the female avatar that looked like Sigourney Weaver (albeit with much longer hair.....hair that hung to the middle of the female's back.....something that Inquirer had willed to gleefully look like a splitting image of her role playing alter ego, Sylvia Shardstar).

Inquirer, clad only in the magical boots, cape, and the magic laced equipment belt that she kept her equipment and spell components, looked down at her naked form (very human looking....much more so than when viewed by Rosepaw last time), and then up and around the goggle eyed people around her. Her magical equipment and skin crackle as a wave of magic courses out of her magic/science based body, warming herself and causing her hair to fly out fetchingly.

She's about to say something vile when she spots the Master diving for a weapon that had fallen from a weapon harness that the AI/golem hadn't gotten around to magically augmenting (and had fallen to pieces as Inquirer had forced it to stop constraining her humanoid body).

She makes a diving roll and, despite her still somewhat sluggish reflexes, comes up with it's business end pointing at the Master's sweating face. Soft crackling sounds interrupt the silent taboo as Inquirer's natural ability desperately tries to bring the female's form back to optimal temperature.

A feat that neither a regular Avatar body was designed to do, nor what a traditional golem was able to do. In the case of the Avatar, it had been deemed silly to design a human seeming body that would have to fight in the cold reaches of space. In the other's case, the magical energy needed to construct such a golem would have easily drained the maker's body thirty times over, leaving it just a dry husk!

Stacy groans as the Master then smiles....

  1. The Master fixed her with an intense stare. "I am the Master," he said, "and you will obey me!"

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