Making a scene

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8682

They seek the golem named Inquirer.....

....and they find her working on the last part of the lock she damaged by her, upon finding the lock a bit more challenging than expected and making too much noise for comfort, had thrown caution to the wind and nearly snapped her pick tools (Military issue titanium alloy) forcing the lock open. It had worked (barely), and had ruined her favorite picklocks as well as the interior components of the door of the TARDIS located in the kitchen. It had taken most of the night repairing the damage by way of spell, but finally she had finished, and found that the door lock now worked again (albeit a bit stiff).

Inquirer hadn't defeated the lock with skill. She'd basically used brute force (which her Avatar body had in sufficiency) and gotten very lucky.

Such as life. It still was something to tell Diane Walker about when she got the chance!

"I wish I had known about you earlier," Inquirer muttered as she places the spare door key back over the "P" on the sign that said "POLICE" on the blue call box.

She then pauses and hears the footfalls of several people. From her memories of how several people walked around here she was still wondering just why they were here at such an ungodly hour. She nods, and waits for them to come this way, figuring that either it was her or the Doctor who'd retired for the night in his own TARDIS that was still parked in the kitchen (he wasn't going anywhere until the female AI/golem repaired the damage she'd done...he'd been thankful enough for the timely aid, but traveling with the door as it was wasn't the safest).

Dr. Who and his new companions arrive and before Inquirer can ask what the deal is they give her the note.

A glance at it all she needs to know, and she actually turns pale before yelling at almost painful decibels for the other Doctor to get up and get his A** in gear. A loud conversation is heard inside (even the Doctor and his analogs hate to be awoken in such a manner), and then....

"Oh....dear," is heard from Dr. Who's analog, "you were right on making such a scene, my dear. Perfectly right."

A second later before Inquirer closes the door that the others are now looking through, they see the other Doctor, dressed in a bathrobe covered in question marks (....hmmm, shade of things to far as his future incarnations). The Police box makes it's heartbreakingly familiar grinding noise as it dematerializes.

"Let's get to it, shall we?" Dr. Who says to his new companions as they rush back to the Control room. The Doctor hits some controls on the Control Column (including a few underneath the panel) and the Doctor's new TARDIS disappears....on it's way to the Earth that's fifty light years away.

Now, this is where we split off.

  1. Click here to follow the group going to the Earth.
  2. Click here to just follow the adventurers still on Terra Prime (recommended.... though I'm interested in #1).

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