The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8662


The other Doctors have retired for the evening.....a bit dragged out from the shock of the day.

Nobody can really blame them, considering what all had transpired.

The Masters are bundled away, under lock, key, and wards so thick as to rival what a dragon would put on their Hoard. THIS time the Masters will sleep, and STAY asleep (they are almost comatose from the spells of slumber on them). Malachi Dronocis did not want to have a repeat of what happened with the now departed Master.

What to do with them is a touchy question.

A question that will be handled LATER!

The Regent and the other leaders of the nations (Walker and Fred the manfox) had dismissed themselves to finally bet back to the meeting that had been put on hold for the first United Nations meeting. General rumors was that the atmosphere was positive for the event....made more so by the good fortune brought about by the arrival of not ONE set of Twins of Doom....but three (even if one of the "Twins" now was an elf)!

Looks like the Regent's "spin doctors" (as Stacy called them) were able to make things look REALLY good. Better than what they were, even.

Meanwhile, Dr. Who (a nickname that he'd guess would serve with other versions of him running around....but preferable to being called Dr. What and Dr. Which as the other Doctors got nicknamed...much to their annoyance) is having some tea and chatting with the Betties. Now that the excitement is over for the moment, he has a few questions of his own. Many had been answered by proceeding events, but.....

" have a wish to be my.....Companion is it?" the Doctor smiles. "Well, generally speaking this is the first time anyone has actually come up to me and made such a request. Usually the circumstances of those who travel with me are....under different circumstances.

"But you of course know this," he frowned, still coming to terms with the idea of a television show that chronicled his life (to a point). He'd found that those of Star Fleet had similar befuddlement over their lives being a work of popular fiction in other universes....and then meeting the fans of those universes.....

"Yes, I do....," Betty 2 smiles, sipping her tea. "I and my sister are rather..... big fans of you. It would be to your advantage, also, to have us as Companions."

"While the way this has turned out has departed radically from the series we do happen to know of a few things about Logopolis and such," Betty 1 smiled.

"Yes, about that," the Doctor finally says, seeming to make a decision. "What you told me of the show goes hand in glove what already has been revealed by my.....employer.

"You don't suppose that he laid a geas on him?" Stacy asks, suddenly concerned with a thought. "They said something about doing that to the Master if he'd gotten in here first....."

"There's really no need," the Doctor chuckled mirthlessly. "They seemed to have known me well enough. In fact, I think that the whole thing was something....of a way to ease me into the position. Judging from what I've read of encounters with other Time Lords with say....the Guardians....."

The Betties blink in surprise at that. Maybe that was something that happened while "off camera"? Yet another deviation from the show and this Doctor's life?

"From those rather sketchy tales I get a feeling that these powerful beings," the Doctor continued with a thoughtful look, "the Rules and Agents.....well, they were comparatively polite about the whole of it. Had something to be left to be desired, but a bit better than what I've heard how the Guardians do business."

"The Guardian does business," Betty 1 corrected. "From what I've seen of the show, the White and Black Guardian are one and the same."

"Or the Black Guardian goes about from time to time impersonating his White counterpart," Betty 2 put in.

The Doctor calmly asks for them to explain, and after they do has a look of....determination in his eyes.

"Try to play me for a fool in getting the Keys of Time, eh?" he says softly, "and at such a high cost.....that poor Princess Astra of Atrios dies to become some component to the Key...."

"No, she didn't die," the Betties protested, seeing the sad look in the Doctor's face.

"She gets restored eventually alive and well," the redheaded Betty finishes.

The Doctor looks heartened at this.

"Of course with the rather abrupt change in things our knowledge may not be so useful all the time," Betty 2 felt the need to put in.

"My dear, I have figured as much," the Doctor smiled genteelly, "still it would be nice to be with a Companion who...."

The Doctor halts himself immediately, for to say what he'd say next would be unfair to his past friends.....even though they did seem to be less brave and knowledgable about things than these two woman. All in all, the Doctor was rather impressed by their actions to date!

"I'd be honored if you'd become my Companions," the Doctor finally says, causing the Betties to grin madly.

Yes, it looks like they are rather happy about the whole deal. the Doctor says to himself. Other questions will be asked later and facts already found put into some use, at later date for an....appropriate response and action.

And I get to go be a companion! Betty 2 chortled to herself. With the cats and everything! Whoo-hoo!

Not that the 3rd Doctor would be my first choice, Betty 1 thought to herself, "but, hey, I'll take it!!

"Perhaps you could tell me about just exactly what you know of Logopolis in relation to my universe," the Doctor then asks, awaiting an answer that would be interesting in and of itself!

"Part of the basic premise of the episode is that the universe should have ended in heat death ages ago," Betty 1 begins, "but the Logopolitans are using some sort of weird mathematical indistinguishable-from-magic stuff (along with a "Charged Vacuum Emboitment" that leads into the alternate universe of E-Sapce) to keep it going past its sell-by date."

"But....there seems to be, I think, one little detail wrong," Betty 2 puts in, suddenly puzzled, "the Logopolitans weren't using radio telescopes in the story. The radio telescope was part of the Master's goofy plan to take over the universe."

"Perhaps in my universe things may have changed where they must use the radio telescopes for some reason," the Doctor thinks to himself, "perhaps to....oh....shore up the work they did?"

"Maybe," the Betties say together, not sure themselves. The Doctor had been given the parameters to the signal as the Agent and Rule had left, but.....

  1. The Doctor then blinks as a thought suddenly occurs to him, and shakes his head sadly. It wasn't life threatening, but....

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