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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8672

"Oh dear, I just had a thought," the Doctor says. "I was rather looking forward to furthering my knowledge of magic."

The Doctor's mind briefly reflects on how just a day or so ago he'd thought that magic was the stuff of fairy tales, stuff and nonsense. Now not only does he believe in magic, he's practicing it.

Life is ironic.

The Betties let off small yelps of dismay. They, as of yet, haven't even begun leasons....but were actually rather looking forward to learning something of this strange stuff.

If they went off in the TARDIS there would be a rather long delay, most likely, before any more magic leasons.

The Betties could learn from the Doctor, but the Doctor wanted to learn from one of the more experienced mages.....

A knock on the door to the room puts this problem on pause. The Doctor opens the door, and found several elves and the dragon mage/captain Sigin (2 by the cut of what the Doctor considers the dragon's rather good taste in clothing).

"Ah, Dr. Who," Sigin 2 sighs, "I feel that I have some news. The parties concerned will eventually get around telling you but....."

The dragon turns his human form's head and looks down at the elves.

"Perhaps you should tell him in your own words at what happened," the dragon mage says, "being that you had been there. I never thought I'd see the day that such would have happened so quickly amongst elves. Nearly rivaled the swiftness of Eye meets Eye!"

"The elven Melissa has fallen in love with the Emporor of the Elves, Ke'lan," Giluriel says. "It happened an hour ago......."

Out in the Palace gardens in a well lit gazebo.

The Melissas are talking about their adventures up to this point. Oddly enough, though happy at the facts that both her elfin and human sister had the good luck to be blessed with their fondest wish (becoming or having the opportunity to become what they'd always wished to be since childhood), she sadly said.

"No, I really never had a burning desire to ever be a magic user nor anything but human," this Melissa says. "I went into acting because it's a family tradition. A tradition that I fell in love with upon finding out I liked acting."

The others nod, acknowledging the fact that their sister had every right to her desires....and also remembering that not everything was alike between analogs.

The topic drifted to other matters as various people walked past. One person in particular, tired of today's ceremonies....stops dead in his tracks as his eyes fall upon the flamed haired elfin woman called Melissa. Several others pause and look back in askance as why the other stopped.

"You know," one of the human Melissas sighs, "we'd better think of some names for ourselves here if we're going to keeping running around and into each other. The hair styles that the Astras use to help others tell them apart looks good on them. I wouldn't mind adopting one for distinguishing myself from my human sister here....."

"These ears alone should be enough to inform all but the densest shlubs that I'm who I am," the elfin Melissa smiled, drawing chuckles from her human sisters.

"Yes, I dare say that it'd be so," the other human Melissa said, "but the fact remains that we'd better think of something quick before we get stuck with a silly name. I don't know about you, but I got the feeling that our Doctors weren't too thrilled with the monikers they are stuck with. Also, I'd rather we think of new names than slap a number after our names. The Betties and the others may accept that, but I for one won't. I vote that the Melissa that came here first should get to keep her old name, since she made the path for us so much easier! I'd rather not get lynched, thank you."

The others echoed her sentiment.

"I could use my stage name," one Melissa thinks aloud, "Aundria always had a nice sound to it."

"Aundria the Brown sounds good." the elfin Melissa agrees, "As for me....since I won't be returning to the human condition any time soon....I thought that my name should reflect the How does Li'reth sound?"

"Li'reth.....meaning beautiful rose blossom," Ke'lan says in a slightly dazed voice, "that sounds as lovely as the bearer of the name."

Elfin eyes lock, and Li'reth felt her heart slip away and touch the soul of the Emperor of the Elven nations.

"Looks like Grailing has a wedding on the horizon," Gilmuriel whispered to his wife as the two elves slowly approached each other and embraced tenderly.

A grand wedding was planned sixth months from now. Melissa Brown will accompany the love drunk elves back to the elven nation to serve the position reserved for the family members of the bride. While not elven, Melissa was were family (or the nearest thing to family...and willing to go with them), and thus their presence was needed for the royal wedding.

Melissa would be staying in the elves land afterwards to learn from various mages renowned for Healing and plant growth.

Aundria would be returning afterwards to see if she could then catch a ride back to one of the brown haired Betties Earth.....or perhaps not. She actually was getting to be rather fond of her Doctor, and hoped that perhaps she could stay....if for only a bit longer.

"What in the blazes?" Betty 1 asks, looking at her sister, "Yes, we have the Doctor but why in the heck do we suddenly have one of his companions suddenly falling in love?!"

"It's just like the series," Betty 2 says. "But not only that....everyone seems to be falling in love around here, especially if you're name is Fred!"

Gilmuriel, who'd been named Frederigo D'Honaire on another world....while he'd been human, smiles at that. It's time to explain.

"It comes back to my dear brother and the relationship to slipgates and magically similar phenomena, as my Teacher, Sigin 2, explains it in some of the latest magical theories." the elf begins. "Understand that when Atlantis on Terra Prime and many parallel universes went about creating their tele....pardon.....slipgates - let myself slip back into calling thing by what they're called back on my world called Tera - slipgates they soon put in additions that allowed for them to reach out and touch other worlds for trade and such. They were and evil, vile people who did not want to hear lectures of morality from others so they put a stipulation in...I'm told.....that only those of like mind would be sought out by the slipgates. Now, magic even of that high of caliber isn't perfect, so sometimes a slipgate seeking would 'snare' a nearby parallel world with analogs....with personalities the opposite or of a native. That instantly causes hate...even homicidal rage....between doubles upon first meeting were reached. Rare and such, but it happens."

"We are aware of that," the others of Dr. Who's party say.

They suddenly blink as the implications filter through.

The other Freds came here in or soon in love because the native Fred was already in love with the coming malfunctions of Terra Prime's slipgate system.....when it started to reach out and drag analogs onto Terra Prime.

It was conjectured that a similar thing happened when Synizn 2, who'd injested a Chrystallic (a magical tool of transformation and teleportation of a type a bit freer than offered by slipgates), had suffered something similar in "malfunctions" when he hiccuped....dragging other analogous people with him to Terra Prime. And since their seemed to be similar stipulations on the Crystallic as on slipgates in that regard, it explained why many of the Astras and Freds were in love with each other (Thaobath and Astra 8 being a glaring exception).

That theory wasn't perfect, for it didn't explain the odd otherworldly deportee that had no analogous person on Terra Prime.....but then again this whole business was murky and eldritch.

"As for why there may be few to no Fred and Alicia couples may have something to do with the fact that most parallel worlds next door to Terra Prime were destroyed by the Enemy with nuclear missiles," Elrondir sighs, remembering his experience with such a world before meeting B'Elanna (re: 6613) . "The slipgates had trouble finding exact matches so played catch as catch can or something."

E'eysha, formerly known as Astra Thessemer on her world, takes up the conversation thread.

"As for elves, our hearts are like that," E'eysha explains, "when a heart detects another elfin heart that is it's soulmate.....a good catch some would takes matters into it's won hands. And unlike human hearts, an elfin heart is much wiser - I'm told - than it's human counterpart, in that when it makes a's always right. That and the process is very swift. That's one of the reasons why elves tend to appear flighty when viewed by human beings in this matter."

"Though, you must admit that our bonding was a little slower than that," E'eysha muttered softly into her husband's ear while tenderly brushing his cheek.

Yes, but it's almost....formula by now on Dr. Who.....with companions inexplicably falling in love for no apparent reason, Betty 1 protested mentally.

"It appears that we are short two companions," Stacy says, having come upon the last part of the story. "Two, for I'm afraid I'm going to have to bow out of any more. I'm.... tired and want to get my bearings again. That and.... you won't believe what I just found out about the library here! It's an archeologist dream come true!"

"Oh?" the Doctor asks, disappointed at the turnout despite himself. He'd become rather fond of both Melissa and Stacy.

"You know that I an archeologist before that Scott whisked me away and dropped me off in that New York subway car without my memories," Stacy explains. "Well, before that I was onto an intriguing clue about the fate of an archeologist's dream find. I had found mention of a secondary, sister city in my world of....the Library of Alexandria, and it was in a remote section of the nation of Ethiopia."

"And you found it's analogous" Betty 2 asks softly, shocked. "That means that.....though the Library got burned here as well as there......the knowledge it contains......"

"Yes," Stacy, who's Doctorate was Archeology (not Medicine or Physics), whispered with a gleam in her eye. "It's here. This world's version is intact....and in need of organizing. Betty....Betties, you've got to understand I just have to help.... When the Alexandrian library was burned it......"

"When it burned I felt so.....sorry for humanity," the Doctor whispered, remembering. "It contained scientific knowledge..... and just records of events and history that are still being recovered or rediscovered even up in the later part of the 20th century.

"I don't blame you," the Doctor nods, "it's an opportunity of a lifetime and I don't blame you for you wanting to take ahold of your calling."

The Betties nod.

Goodbyes are said, and hugs exchanged.

But there are still Sigin 2 and the elves here.

  1. "Ah, this is a perfect time to ask," B'Ellana smiled.

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