Seeking out the problem before it BECOMES a problem.

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8661

"Doc," Inquirer says quietly as various shouts can be heard from further within the TARDIS. "Can you punch up a map of this place quickly on the screen on the control column there?"

The Doctor, already familiar with the operations of this TARDIS (all TARDIS controls are the least in HIS universe), is gratified that though the Master may have come from another universe (and thus THIS TARDIS), the operational layout is what he's familiar with.

"There you go," the Time Lords says as the female AI/golem leans over and takes it all in with a glance. She then takes off a red barrette (something about the design is nagging the Doctor.....something about one of the stories he read.....).

"What are you going to do?" the Time Lord asks, suddenly dreading what will be said.

"Nothing drastic....unless needs arise," Inquirer murmurs as several adventurers take up positions to be ready for....a fight with the Masters. "I'm just going to go out to greet our house guests....and to make sure two in particular behave if they are acting up!"

The Doctor then blinks as the golem raises her hood on her cloak....and disappears from view.

"That cloak of invisibility is a rare thing.....but I am glasd that she hadn't returned it to me yet....." Malachi D'Honaire sighs as the Doctor sees her prep a spell.

In the kitchen.

"This is embarrassing," Stacy mutters as they are marched out of the Doctor's TARDIS into what the Master had informed them was his TARDIS after ordering loudly for the Doctor and the others to step away from the controls.

Not only did the bastard slip his bonds somehow (making him some type of escape artist in her and the Betties' book), he apparently had more backup weaponry hidden on his person than he'd been given credit for.

"We're....on what appears to be another TARDIS," the Master mutters as he glances over at a reading on the Doctor's control column. "At first glance it looks like mine...but..... there are things amiss....."

He turns again and trains his weapon on the Doctor and companions before anyone can do anything rash. He reaches over and places the gun that they had stripped him of back on his person and then......

"Now, Doctor," the Master says slowly, composing himself. "Here is what you and the ladies are going to do......"

With a few clicks, the door suddenly swings at first reveal nothing. Then it reveals suddenly a woman dressed oddly in what a medieval forester would wear. The Master begins to swing his pistol in her direction.....

Inquirer, still wearing her cloak and magical boots that silence her footfalls, was able to quickly locate the nearest TARDIS....and find her worst expectations confirmed by what she sees before her. Figuring that a quick and dirty approach was needed, she'd opened the door of the TARDIS (despite it being locked THIS time for some reason....she was an accomplished lock pick) and taken a quick glance inside and spotted the Master with gun pointing at this other Doctor and his companions. If by some miracle THIS Master was a nice guy, she'd apologize later. For now there was only one course of action to bring this situation to something SHE wanted. Attack. With that goal in mind, the cloak dropped it's invisibility since a wearer instantly looses the benefit of the magical charm until a concerted effort is made to think of stealth and hiding are made.

The gun starts to turn towards her.


Suddenly the Master feels like a semi-truck just rammed into him as the phasor bolt from Inquirer's newest toy envelopes him.....and causes him to black out.

Heavy stun can do that to a person......

A faint sound from behind causes the golem to roll and dive. She pops up and aims her hand phasor at the rather startled set of adventurers from the TARDIS that had landed in the bathroom (the brown haired Betty was edified to see that certain.....bodily functions seemed to be in common with human and Time Lord.....). "Their" Master moans softly and flinches, but stays his ground (fearing that the rather enraged Stacy behind him will drill him in the back with his weapon if he so much as make a move to turn around, speak, or lower his hands).

Inquirer makes a quick adjustment and.....

The other Master falls to the ground, unconscious.

This woman is wrecking bloody havoc on the Dr. Who universe, several Betties think to themselves....aghast at all this.

They then notice that the Master is still breathing. So perhaps whoever this is not out for blood. It was only a stun setting on the phasor.

Stun setting on the phasor?!

Several people are going to ask just what the bloody heck is going on here when they notice the others.

Stunned silence.

"I can explain what's going on here," Inquirer says calmly as she puts away her weapon. The others listen silently as the AI explains as she strips the Masters of everything except his black underwear.

(Black underwear?!)

She finishes and makes a gesture. The underwear then changes into the style of grey clothing that the Twins of Doom and friends who'd arrived on Terra Prime first were forced to wear on their first day.

She looks up and sees the mute faces looking at her.

"Any questions will be answered by me and a few others in this TARDIS's control room," the female golem sighs.

The golem expects this will be a LONG session of Q and A.

It is and it goes WELL into the night.......

  1. Inquirer catches up via cyberjack and portable player unit one the world of Dr. Who (from episode copies and electronic books offered by Diane Walker) while time passes and she's not needed...

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