Great Faith - Up To A Point

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8658

"Well," said the Doctor, "I have great faith in both your technical ability and your instinct for self-preservation, if not in your ethics, so go ahead and do it." "Thank you, Doctor, for your confidence," said the Master. Stacy wasn't altogether sure if he was genuinely grateful or was being sarcastic. Then he opened a panel underneath the control console, and began disconnecting and reconnecting wires. Stacy was surprised by how primitive the circuitry looked, but the Betties had seen it all before, of course.

After about a minute...

  1. The Master replaced the panel and stood up looking pleased with himself. "Now try rematerialising," he said.
  2. There was an electric spark as something short-circuited, and...
  3. Something started to materialise within the control room!

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JH (option 3 is a freebie, as I typed in '3' for the number of options where I intended to type in '2'!)

4/7/2000 2:25:26 PM

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