A Dangerous Plan

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8648

"I will have to make some modifications to your TARDIS," said the Master, "to enable its chronostatic circuit to emit a signal that will cancel out the emanations from my own."

The Doctor looked exceedingly uncomfortable at this. Brunette Betty, picking up on this, said, "Is it wise to let him fiddle around with your TARDIS? Couldn't you make the adjustments yourself?"

"Only I know the correct modifications to make," snarled the Master, "and time is short!"

The Doctor sighed. "I'm afraid he's right about that, Betty. But that isn't what's bothering me."

"OK," said Stacy, figuring somebody had to ask. "What's bothering you?"

"Modifiying the chronostatic circuit while in the vortex is extremely dangerous. One wrong move, and our atoms could be scattered to the four corners of Time."

"Yes, but if we don't do something we're dead anyway!" said red-headed Betty.

"As I said, Doctor, you are going to have to trust me." The Master looked at them all seriously.

  1. "Do it," said the Doctor.
  2. "No," said the Doctor. "It'll never work. We've got to think of something else."

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