Noise in the Machine Room

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 855

Fred wakes up slowly to some noise coming from the machine room. As soon as he realizes why he's awake, he bolts straight up, carefully listening to what it could be... Music... People talking... It sounds... It sounds like they are having a party! A party?

Fred peers out from his hiding spot into the machine room. Sure enough, it looked like a party. Food, beverages, music, people dancing, everything. Fred silently cursed to himself. How could he let himself fall asleep! Why didn't he wake earlier from the sounds of the party?

Dozens of questions sprang to Fred's mind. The most prominent of them being, what in the world is going on here? The people in the party seemed friendly enough... Perhaps he could walk on in to see what the whole thing is about. But, on the other hand, these could be workers for the dragon. If they knew he was hunting the dragon, he'd be dead in a heartbeat.

Decisions, decisions...

  1. Fred decides to crash the party.
  2. Fred continues to stake out the machine room.

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Sir Toby

4/21/1999 3:46:04 PM

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