Surprise Party

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1416

Fred stayed hidden and observed the party-goers. The whole room was full of them, chatting, laughing, helping themselves to the contents of a giant punchbowl. It was an utterly normal party, in fact. Normal, that is, except for the fact that it was being held deep underground in a room full of strange machinery, in caverns inhabited by a dragon.

Fred was still pondering the oddness of this when a sudden hush came over the room. He could hear a few furtive whispers: "Shh! Here he comes!" A moment passed, and then everyone in the room (except Fred) yelled "Surprise!" Then Fred heard a deep, rumbling voice. "Aw, guys! You shouldn't have!" it said, sounding vaguely embarrassed. And then the owner of the voice moved forward, into Fred's line of sight.

It was the dragon!

  1. Fred leapt out to attack the dragon.
  2. Fred stayed in his hiding place and continued to observe.

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12/7/1999 5:16:09 AM

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