Lord Fred, Our Hero

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 851

"I am Lord Fred! I order you to surrender in the name of the King!" Lord Fred looks about to see the effect his words had on the smugglers. They don't buy it, Fred thought to himself. He mentally prepared himself for a fight by pushing out all distractions and focussing solely on the task at hand.

Tensions were high. The smugglers continued to stare at Lord Fred. Their weapons were not lowered. The silence was akward. Fred thought he should say something more, but couldn't think of anything to say. I'm a fighter, not a diplomat! Fred's decision was made for him by something else...

Another group of warriors, dressed in the colors of the dragon's army approached. They saw the smugglers, the smugglers saw them. The leader of the dragon group yelled out, "Smugglers! Get them!" The dragon warriors advanced immediately upon the smugglers. Lord Fred saw his chance to make a break for it. In the confusion, he beat away the weapons that were pointed at him.

Fred tried to get away from the battle, but considering that the two groups of people involved were both enemies of his, it was impossible to get away. Fred finally did get to do some fighting afterall... When Fred is dragged into the battle, he finds he is facing...

  1. a smuggler.
  2. one of the dragon warriors.

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Sir Toby

5/9/1999 5:25:55 PM

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