Making Contact

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 74

Fred was certain he hadn't been spotted yet. Just out of the corner of his eye,he spotted one of the smugglers. "Now is my chance!" thought Fred.

Fred knew there must be at least a half dozen or more smugglers around. He certainly couldn't do anything bold, or daring like trying to fight the guy. Lord Fred decided to try a different approach.

Lord Fred stepped out of the shadows and approached the guy. "Hi there!" Fred said. Instantly there were a dozen armed smugglers all aiming their weapons at Fred. Fred, in desperation says:

  1. "I am Lord Fred! I order you to surrender in the name of the King!"
  2. "I am Fred, servant to the Dragon. In the name of the Dragon, I order you to leave this dungeon."

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Sir Toby

2/27/1999 11:44:23 AM

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