Fighting A Smuggler

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 1617

Lord Fred grabs the smuggler's collar and jerks him forward. He punches the man twice and he slumps to the ground. Lord Fred pulls the man's sword out and turns to face the others.

It was a nasty battle unfolding in front of his eyes. The smugglers and the dragon's men were literally cutting each other to pieces. Blood flew, limbs flew, men screamed in agony...

Lord Fred decides it's best if he just escapes.

  1. Lord Fred fights his way out and runs down a large tunnel.
  2. Lord Fred is backed into a corner by three of the dragon's men.
  3. The dragon appears and kills the smugglers with it's fire breath.
  4. All of a sudden there was a cave-in!

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8/23/1999 5:33:47 AM

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