The End of the Matter

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8401

"Why, that's easy!" Walker says, astonished at such a question. "To HIS TARDIS!"

The Doctor....slowly nods his head.

"I think you have something there, so let's be off, shall we?" the Time Lord says, starting out for the door only to stop at the rather LOUD coughing noise the Regent of Ethiopia, Malachi Dronocis, makes. The Doctor pauses and looks up at the crimson dragoness (who'd shifted back to her natural draconian form). The Doctor isn't quiet certain, but he seems to read something like....annoyance in those golden eyes.

"Need I remind you that you have a certain griffin that needs your aid?" she says in a slightly chilled voice. "While the session was much shorter than anticipated, the sooner we begin the exorcism ....the better. You CAN'T just waltz out of here without helping Trilling."

"But...but if I don't stop the Master he'll get away in his TARDIS....and a world will DIE," the Time Lord protests, becoming a little more than angered at this delay.

"Doc....think about it," Inquirer puts in from the side. "Use your new knowledge and tell me what good baker's dozen of the Ward of Dominus' school of Seals will do....if put AROUND something? Do your job....and let us do OURS!"

The Doctor's eyebrows shoot up to his shock of white hair as his mind suddenly connects on what the AI/golem is getting at....and laughs at the idea of what is happening as.....

Hours later, at night, after an almost hell like series of chases and close calls....

The Master swears softly as he picks himself off the ground. He'd dashed the last dozen meters towards the safety of his TARDIS, and made little note of the strange symbols and signs that seemed to be drawn around his vehicle on the ground....and ran right into an invisible wall of force! He'd nearly blacked out from the pain, and groans as he wipes at the blood dribbling from his nose.

He'd circled this plaza a good dozen times from the shadows, checking out the scene before making a last quick dash for his TARDIS....and safety. Later, after he'd recovered enough from the draining process of the impromptu body snatching of one of the dark skinned guards that had been keeping an eye on him, he'd then figure out just....what to do next. Whatever long term.....even short term plans he'd come up with would have to be in the comfort of his TARDIS....this world was too.....WEIRD. Something had kept him under....and only after a fierce struggle against....whatever that was keeping him asleep.....

Unbidden a fierce yawn forced it's way upon him and the Master yet AGAIN struggled to drive back the lassitude that was again trying to force him to....just take a small nap.

His newly right hand covered his yawning mouth, and the Master shakes his head to both clear it and to shake off the consternation at having to have to resort to such a.....shoe string operation as this. He'd only begun to lay the rudimentary system in place....planing over the years and centuries for the day when he reached the END of this last regeneration (no rejuvenation due to injury or old age without extreme measures) somehow find just a little bit more power than his trustworthy TARDIS could safely provide.

Things had NOT....been going as planned....up to and including the need to THIS!

He'd exhausted his ability to....shrink opponents to doll size (killing them in the process).

He was down to his last....least elegant hold out weapon. His simple but small derringer laser pistol! PATHETIC!

He'd planned on rigging his TARDIS to entrap a person foolish enough to touch his TARDIS for some he could just snatch him and study the data from the entrapped mind in his TARDIS' computer banks for later.....pilfering.

All fine and well, until that damn picture of fantasy creatures and identical women turned out to be....too horribly real....

"NOW what!?" the Master mutters as he taps at the magical shield surrounding the TARDIS (trying to figure out the source of this.....wall).

  1. "Now you die, dearie." A lilting English sounding woman's voice says from the shadows as a young....beautiful woman with softly glowing skin steps from the shadows.

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