Master and Doctor

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8400

"Well, I was kind of old form back," the red haired Betty says. "I wasn't very comfortable with being a twin...."

"Of course you'd change back to your old self....and look just like me," Stacy's Betty smiled. "Which would be....interesting."

"You don't have a twin sister back you?" Stacy asks, suddenly seeing the problem.

"Nope," her companion sighs. "And as such.....well, here's the problem. I'm kind of....well known. I wrote a book and such, so explaining the sudden appearance of a duplicate of me would be....hard to lie about convincingly. And along those lines, with all that, it would be harder by far to make up a new and believable identity for my....sister here."

"Wait, what if I just go home," the other Betty asks, perplexed.

"Uh, wouldn't the way home be hidden in that....TARDIS that is now.....gone?" Melissa asks. "I mean, that thing travels back and forth through time. Didn't you say part of it traveled sideways in time to some type of parallel world in an episode called Inferno, but only by accident?"

Several faces go pale at that.

"Maybe.....the Master's TARDIS has the way home?" Stacy whispered.

A bit of semifrantic discussion amongst themselves, along with some magical exams of things called morphogenic fields and a tricorder scan (Solomon could exam one...perhaps two matrixs of a person....but would be nearly dead from exhaustion afterwards).

It'd be worth it, if the need came up.

One, while there are signs that there had been alterations to what Solomon can deduce as a morphogenic field-a field where the simplest of curses and magical disguises were altered in order to change appearance had signs of tampering.....that was no longer an issue.

The tricorder showed something interesting about where these women were from. It involved their quantum signatures.

There were only TWO identical quantum signatures. Stacy's signature didn't match any of her companions. Betty Ragan's signature was also unique. The only matching signatures were.....those of Melissa's and the red haired Betty (called Betty 2 for now for the sake of brevity, while Stacy's Betty shall be called Betty 1 for now).

"But the Doctor said it was only a crude form of manipulation," one of the Betties protested. Solomon, knowing the only way he could think of to solve this problem then and there, then switches his sight over to see into the eather of the magical realms.....and looked at the matrixes of Melissa and Betty 2.

It might as well have been the same person as far as their matrixes were concerned! the former Star Fleet Ensign sighs to himself before slumping to the ground.

"Good news....and bad news....." Solomon whispers as the others gather around him in concern. "Good news is that our red headed Betty will not need the glasses.....your new body and face will make it much easier to produce a new....convincing identity if you should go back home. Bad news are will forever more look like you do now, Betty.....unless you do something I get infected with lycanthropy....."

The demifox sighs and then suggests they see the other mages, perhaps they'll have ideas....


The mages just shake their heads and give the last burst of information needed for the Doctor to help with the exorcism.

The magical examination of the Doctor's sincerity had been easy enough. The Time Lord didn't even have clue one on how to block the examiniation of his aura. Then came the surprise.

An ordinary organic human mind couldn't have taken the strain of so much information shoved upon it so quickly. Few minds on Terra could have done it.

This took half the time I thought it would take, Inquirer says to the mages.

That....was incredible, the Doctor says in awe. And you were telling me, while you were....teaching me....about your Ethiopia joining together with the rest of this world to form a united world under the United Nations? You said you were linked to your lands to better aid the Ethiopian people, and while it gave you great restricted you to within the borders?

But with the whole of Terra united, I'd be able to again move about beyond Ethiopia? the Regent chuckled. Not quiet. I may be able to move beyond the borders once that happened, but....I'd not have I enjoy now. I'd find heart would be lonely for I'd be unable to hear the song of the nation's heart. Oh, I'd have Sigin, my consort, but.....

We also love the humans who've we've given our hearts to, Sigin chuckles while mentally hugging the Regent (who giggles....much to her chagrin).

That was sharky! Malachi D'Honaire (who'd picked up using many of the slang terms of the Alliance with his stint of working with Inquirer so long ago). I never thought I'd see so many leasons be assimilated at such a fast rate.

The Doctor felt himself "smiling" like mad at the compliment, even though he felt that such an action was....not becoming of the demeanor he had adopted when he had regenerated to this form.

Hey, did I or did I not say that if any bloke could do it, it be Dr. Who? Diane Walker said from the side. She'd had been almost impossible to stop in her desires to see this operation live in the cybernetic flesh, and had been delighted to be granted permission. She had no real magical talent or knowledge to grant in this operation, but had earned a special treat for her timely suggestion.

What did you call me? the Doctor says, befuddled.

Oh, sorry Doctor, Walker coughs. That nickname is from the last episode from the a series from my world of Dr. Who. Originally, the show that mimicked YOUR life up until recently had first been named when someone from the first show had said "A doctor, yes. But Doctor who?" When you were on your eighth and last regeneration, some Companion was a real wise arse, and called you that at the end when you kept refusing to tell him your real name. I guess I was lucky to see that episode, since not all parallel worlds had your eight incarnation made into a series. Some didn't even make the premiere television movie.

The Doctor frowned in consternation, at that and at the sense of....laughter from the others present.

But really now, the Time Lord says to himself. Somehow he had a sinking feeling that he'd be stuck with that nickname.....

Lucky him.....

By any chance did one of my later incarnations have a love for....jelly babies? the disgruntled Time Lord sighed, remembering one young man's offer.

Your next incarnation did indeed have something for them, Doctor, Walker said, a little embarrassed.

They begin to drop back into what passed as reality outside the Net.

One thing..... Diane asks while they drop back into reality from the Net.

"You have the Daleks...a race of boxy cybernetic robot like beings out to conquer the whole of the bloody universe," Diane continued. "Now, I and a few friends always wanted to do they plan on doing this with the way they roll around like that?! How the bloody heck do they climb stairs?"

The Doctor stares at the young looking woman (who had softly glowing skin and the body that seemed to be the idealized version of a woman of teenage years).

What kind of question is THAT?!

Before the Doctor can even draw a breath to answer, a harried Ethiopian town guard come running in.

"Regent, the bearded one from the TARDIS has disappeared....and killed several guards in the process by shrinking them to the size of dolls....somehow!" the flustered guard burst out.

"Bearded one.....oh bugger," Walker gasps. She turns and looks at the aghast looking crowd, and then to the Doctor.

"The Master came in your TARDIS?" she whispered. ""

"He hijacked my TARDIS after he set the VLA back on one of my Companion's Earth to blow up...and wipe the whole of humanity from the face of the planet." The Doctor explained. "We somehow jumped sideways in time, and ended up here on Terra Prime. My TARDIS then.....self destructed for some reason and we dived out barely in time to escape with our lives. We found ourselves in this eldritch place looking at what I had thought until recently the products of imagination....along with what I know was the Master's TARDIS. The fool shot at Trilling Blackfeather, causing him to react in pain and mauling the fool in the process.

"I thought you said that those spells would keep him under," the Time Lord then says to the Consort of Ethiopia.

"We figured that it would....since it would for a human being," Sigin Dronocis mutters. "But now where did this.....Master....go?"

  1. "Why, that's easy!" Walker says, astonished at such a question. "To HIS TARDIS!"

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