The Never Ending Quest - Episode 8443

Diane Walker's glow brightens a little bit as the Master tries to whirl about and draw a bead on him.

Idiot, Walker thinks to herself as she lets go with the plasma pistol she already had at the ready. She'd been waiting all bloody night waiting for this SOB to finally make his appearance! While the other's had gone off after finding the Master NOT desperately trying to get into his TARDIS, Walker had silently laughed....found a secretive hiding spot....turned the glow of her skin down to almost nil (thanking the Forge....her new found faith....for THAT ability), and had waited.

She'd watched enough shows to know the ends and outs of this fiend, and she was stubborn enough to wait the time needed to find him....slinking back to his only ticket to the streams of time and space.

Walker could, with a bit of effort, aimed and hit the much smaller target of the derringer itself, but the Regent had already given orders that the Master was to be "killed without recourse." Being the highest secular authority AND court in the land, nobody was in a position to argue in a legal standpoint. The Doctor sighed, and just went to his task.

Not everyone was as forgiving as the Doctor, Walker heard one of the Twin's of Doom say in regards to something like this about the Doctor.

All too true, Walker agreed as the Master's gun hand vaporizes along with his pistol..

The Master has time enough to marvel at the fact that the young woman's energy weapon didn't give off any kind of loud sound effect....just a small sound of a capacitor discharging.....just enough time to do that before he falls to his knees, screaming and clutching at the ruin of his right hand.

"NOT AGAIN!!" the evil Time Lord moans through tears of agony. He turns and looks up with hate filled eyes up at the mocking smile of Diane Walker, human and Queen of the Dwarves of Terra Prime.

" we can call you The Fugitive!" she mugs at the hate filled Master.

The Master had no reason to have a personal vendetta against humans in general....but THIS human was earning herself a very SPECIAL place in his hate list!

The Master fixed her with an intense stare. "I am the Master," he said, "and you will obey me!"

The Master's next orders would be for Walker to turn her pistol upon her self and shoot!

However, the woman in question only seems to be effected by the Master's efforts for a brief second, before she gives off a shriek of unbridled rage!

The Master's face has a look of stark terror just before Walker discharge a leathal energy bolt into it....vaporizing and killing the Master....instantly. The former Military drill instructor screams again and again in anger as she empties her pistol into the smoking carcass that had been the Master's newest (and now LAST) body.

"I think NOT you stupid WANKER!" Walker grinds out down at the smoking mess that used to be a Time Lord. "I think NOT. Oh, you just had to be the cute littl' one, eh? Did ya learn nothin' after the episode of Spearhead From Space with that one git who resisted ya......"

It was a good thing to know yourself well enough that you use what could have been considered a rather.....bad character trait and channel it towards a good end. Being raised in the sprawls of London Sector back Home for fifteen years, plus her twenty five years in the Military (half of that time as a drill instructor...when not fighting the Enemy) had done nothing to diminish that....little quality.

Walker kicks the corpse one last time and then uses her communication device (Military issue) to contact her comrade and fellow Dr. Who fans, the Betties.

"You have any luck out in your area," Betty 2 (identifiable by her voice...who sounded like Melissa's) asks. She sounded like she wasn't expecting anything new.

"Yes...and he's rather....well.....crispy," Walker said, glaring down at the corpse. "Don't know about you, but do you think that this git will regererate without a head on his shoulders?"

"," Betty 1 says over the radio. "I doubt it. He didn't try the trick he used on Stacy or some of the other Dr. Who companions?"

"Dearie...he did....but it pays to know it were," Walker chuckled grimly.

"Oh," was the only reply for a small measure of time.

"Care to send out one of the mages my way, would you Betty?" Walker finally asks. "His blackness is still smoking, but his ghost is looking a bit harried by the last guy who's ticket he punched."

"Will do," Betty 1 says after remembering just where she was (and what was possible on Terra Prime in that regard). "So....Well, I suppose it had to catch up with him eventually. Not everybody is as forgiving as the Doctor."

  1. "Too right, Betty." Walker replies as she watches the Master and the ghost of the guard he'd kill fight it out in unliving color. "Too right......"
  2. "Too right, Betty." Walker replies as she watches the Master and the ghost of the guard he'd kill fight it out in unliving color. "Too right......"

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