The Never Ending Quest - Episode 78109

And without warning..the ghost of Scott appears.


The people in the studio stare stupidly. Scott stares back.

"Okay, forget it. Look, this Lots is a wringer. A fake."

They continue to stare at him blankly. "Surely someone noticed it, right?"

But how do you know?" says Barbara Walters. "Can you prove these allegations?

"For starters, he's wearing a paper photograph of Lots42 on his face like a mask." He gestures at it. "And it's not even his face. It's Lots and his entire family standing in a park. A PARK. For another, hasn't anyone noticed that he's naked? He's wearing the picture and some curly slippers. Or that he's got a tattoo on his chest that says 'I Am Josh Burbank?' What about the fact that there's a man lying bound and gagged behind the chair who looks just like the guy in the photo that Josh is wearing on his face?." The ghost takes a deep breath. "HASN'T ANYONE NOTICED THESE FUCKING THINGS, FOR SHIT'S SAKE???

  1. "I think we need some hard proof before we accept these wild allegations," Walters says.
  2. Who cares? Walters gets a paycheck regardless of who it is.
  3. Josh is arrested and tossed in prison.
  4. Lots is arrested and tossed into prison. The hell?
  5. Josh demonstrates an obscure martial art based on throwing flaming skulls and uses one to vaporize Scott. Scott is banished to the Ninth Dimension.

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6/20/2008 6:40:04 PM

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