Okay, so we have this meeting in this forest.....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7380

Elf Death stops and whines in honest confusion as she sees the elves draw various weapons in reaction to the playful warg. Whining in sorrow an confusion at the hostile reaction, the monstrous female wolf lays down in front of the still gagging Astra (who's frantically wiping at her wet face....). All pause in consternation as the wolf whines and looks up soulfully at the elves.

"Astra, are you okay?" Fred asks needlessly (but still VERY concerned). The wolf had charged out of the shadows like it was one with them and should have been the end of Astra (so much for our vaunted mystical senses several elves think to themselves in consternation).

Having never seen or heard of a warg, they still had a feeling that this large wolf....wasn't acting normal.

"I'm all right," Astra said after whipping the last of the wolf's saliva off of her face. "Wha....what's wrong with that thing? I should be dead right now, and.....it's acting like a sad little puppy right now!"

Seeker, leaf shaped sword still in hand, approaches Elf Death cautiously. Elf Death, still looking up from her prone position, looks halfway hopeful. Her tail starts to wag and she pants happily as Seeker, first cautiously then more boldly, begins to scratch her behind her ears.

"Seems....rather harmless....if a bit on the large side," Torres says, looking at the large wolf oddly. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Terran wolves creatures of the wild. Not domesticated?"

She waved her Klingon dagger (Somebody in the Here After seemed to be a comedian... she thinks to herself) at the strange saddle and bridle that Elf Death is still wearing.

"That might explain much," Fred thinks aloud, slowly putting his own leaf-like long sword away, carefully. "The things domesticated...though I'm at a loss how such is possible. Wolves from back home aren't the domesticating type."

"Whatever domesticated it sure has an....odor to it....though the big girls been looked after well enough," Astra puts in as she looks over the fawning Elf Death. Her nose twitched as her elfin sense of smell relayed yet another set of smells underneath the more....rank one."

Unknown to the new elves, the shaman who'd taken Elf Death as his own had been unusually meticulous in grooming her. Elf Death was had been very special to him, and the orc had gone to great lengths grooming the massive wolf. Too bad he hadn't thought to take his own personal hygiene into as much care as he'd lavished on his mount.

That played into the reason why Astra was able to smell.

"There was something else riding this wolf....and recently," she says, gently sniffing the air. "Several somethings.....one a grown female by the smell of it....and.... sniff...seven infants of some type."

Seeker, who'd stint on the now nuked Terra had been in a cybernetic unit, an Avatar. Avatar senses were the best that was technically feasible for such a small package (so were the Avatar's reflexes...but that's a different story). His noise now was smelling what Astra was smelling. He, of all the other elves, knew what species the fainter odor belong to, since he'd spent enough time around humans before the enemy finihsed that Terra off.....

"That the smell of a human," the coppery maned elf says. "I'll be hung if I recognize the other scent, however."

No, none of the new elves were familiar with Orcs. Astra and Fred's world never had been blighted by their touch. Torres was just too...new to the realm of magic and what she had though as fantasy races until recently to know. Seeker's Avatar had not come across anything Orcen.....so all were at a loss for the smell of the owner.

Elf Death, meanwhile, feels a faint tugging on her heartstrings.

Her masters were awake, and in need of nourishment.

Whinning, Elf Death gently "wroofed" and made a tossing motion with her massive shaggy head back towards the way she had come.

The elves looked at each other. It was obvious that the massive female wolf wanted them to follow.

"Well, should we?" Torres asks the others.

"I...think that might be a good idea," Fred says. "By what I remember from where I found Astra before we ran into that accursed woods, this spot where we stand should be a river. I don't see ANY signs of it at all. We can ask for directions if nothing else."

Torres bites back a quip about how men usually don't ask for directions. The joke was rather weak, and probably wouldn't be funny just at this moment.

"I think that we should go," Seeker says. "If nothing else while were on Terra Prime, I'd just love to give the Military a few thousand coordinates of my Enemy's strongholds."

Just because Seeker now drew breath and mind was made of organic material didn't mean that he had been diminished in any way as far as memory retention.....or of raw mathematical ability that all AIs were renowned for.....

Astra 4, in the process of breast feeding the young ones, does a double take when the large warg that apparently had been charmed by her infants cooing comes bounding back with company!

To her credit, she has enough presence of mind to not drop the child she was feeding.

Seeing elves this close up is a shocking enough. However....

However, the shock of seeing the red haired elf who's openly gapping at her seemed to cause her to become less than diplomatic, for a moment.

The elf known as Astra has been struck silent in shock of seeing a vision of herself surrounded by seven infants AND endowed with much larger.....breasts than she ever remember having as a human being!

  1. "What on Terra happened to you?!" Astra 4 sputters. Analogs she was familiar with....but seeing a version of herself as an elf was a bit of a shock!

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