Gilmuriel and E'eysha

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7381

"Doppleganger," Astra the elf, elfin voice higher than normal, whispered in fear, grabbing for her sword, only to nearly be bowled over by what the golden haired elfin lady named Torres does next!

"STOP!!" Torres bellows in an incredible display of volume that belayed what one would have believed possible for the slender little figure.

Torres wasn't like any other elf in the history of elves, however. Nobody before had the ancestry of Klingonese in their heritage. There were cases of many other non-elfin people having been transformed by the malicious Atlantians into elves and such....but never had there been a half human/Klingon before.

B'Elanna's Klingon heritage was showing right then and there.

Whatever the case, she had noticed and rightly interpreted by the frightened look on the red haired elfin woman's face, along with the whispered word of a creature that was rumored to be death to those it mirrored (if not dispatched immediately) that violence was in the making.

It was d**n obvious what this other Astra (who was the spitting image of the elf, discounting stature, ears, and breast size). B'Elanna's memories may be artificial in origin, but they told her that this was an analog.

The real Torres that she was supposed to mimic had met more than her fair share of them while on the fated Voyager. Nothing in those encounters demanded violence (though they'd rubbed her the wrong way a few times....)

Everyone's ears were ringing and more than a few infants were crying at the sudden shout.

"She's just an analogous version of yourself," Seeker said calmly to the nervous elfin Astra. "You remember me telling you about how that one version of Terra got nuked? Well, guess what....there are duplicates.....non dangerous duplicates of you on other worlds in other universes. Nothing to worry about, for you are you and they are they. And it's all part of the Grand Design."

The elfin Astra visibly thinks this over, and then nods slowly.

Fred, meanwhile, is looking between his Astra and the one that was human.

Hasty introductions are made, and stories exchanged.

"So, even with the Slipgates gone....there are other analogs still showing up," Astra 4 says, shaking her head.

The others nod in agreement, amazed at all that seemed to have happened while they'd been playing in the time warped forest of Xythryx.

Seeker was especially at a loss at the news of what his twin had attempted to do with Astra 2 and Fred 2. The traitor still was awaiting a final finding with the Aqualaria and the Military (neither had decided who had jurisdiction around here in this matter). Seeker wanted to have a long.....long and obscene shouting match with his "brother."

At least Astra 4 had figured out that he wasn't hostile.

"I guess we could call you Astra 6 and your Fred by the name Fred 6," Astra 4 chuckled at the sour looking elves. "Seems that is the trend here."

"Well," the elfin Astra said. "After all that has befallen us, with becoming an elf, I find that while I'm still proud of my birth name just doesn't seem to fit any more."

"I agree," the elfin Fred chimed in. "And no offense, Astra 4, but I'd rather not have a number after my name, even if it makes sense. I....too feel like my name Fred just isn't right for me any more, given the circumstances."

"How about you elves calling yourself by some elven names?" Seeker threw in. "I'm rather fond of the female name of E'eysha. As for a male elf name, I hear that Gilmuriel is a pretty good name, as far as elven names go for males."

"Is that acceptable?" Astra 4 asks the her elfin sister and the elfin analog of her husband. "Astra could be E'eysha for now on while Fred can be Gilmuriel for the rest of his life."

"I actually like the sound of that," E'eysha smiled holding the hand of her love.

"And it isn't like we'll ever be human again with what happened to those.....Crystallics and the impossibility of finding our world again," Gilmuriel smiled back into E'eysha's blue eyes. "Not that I am adverse to being an elf....."

Yes, these are analogs of me and Fred, Astra 4 smiled to herself.


After Elf Death brings the hungry adventurers some rabbits she had hunted down, E'eysha is cooking the skinned carcasses over a fire that was made to give off little to no smoke (she didn't want to deal with these Orcs her sister had described).

"What gets me is that all this" Seeker says, throwing his hands around to encompass the entire forest around them. "Is the product of only a few months. I mean these trees are something that would grow after years....and only a few short months ago this place was a glowing wasteland....and the Crystallics changed all of it into lush forests and change countless numbers of Phage organisms into the trees and wildlife around here!"

"That would account for the faint sense of confusion I get from everything around here," B'Elanna mutters. "Things probably are still having something of an identity crisis or something. But there is something more that bugs me, Astra 4. It has something to do with the fact that....everyone is falling in love around here!"

"Including yourself with your Seeker," Astra 4 says drolly while bouncing a giggling tot on her knee.

"Well.....I did with him because....he helped me through so much....and died trying to rescue the end destorying himself and Tesla so others would be safe from that monster," B'Elanna said, waving a slender hand. "But I'm at a loss why things seem to keep repeating....why the Fred seem to keep falling in love with other Astras....or Alicias. Even with that one guy....Dragon Fred with Malachi D'Honaire."

"It's the nature of the slipgates that brought them here," Astra 4 smiled. "There our probably billions of worlds were nothing happened with Fred...and he is still very much a bachelor and alone. But when Fred the Manfox fell in love with the Shefox Alicia, the slipgates went out and were attracted to other worlds were Fred were falling in love with this, that and the other."

It could have very well been the fact that somebody was falling in love with Fred that had caused all this....or dozens of other criteria....but whtever the case....what had happened happened as it had.

"Oh," is all that Torres has to say to that.

"I don't know about you, but I think it'd be a great idea to travel together. With those Orc creatures around and that shaman's spell still on Astra 4, things could get ugly." Seeker says. "I'm at a loss as to the actual lay of the well as the perhaps we could all help each other and travel together. Safety in numbers and all that."

  1. Astra 4 nods. The Elves had been kind enough to supply her with dagger and a few supplies....but she was of the opinion that this coppery maned elf was quiet right....

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