An AI to Elf Conversion

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7379

"See....we were re-incarnated as elves after our little run in with Tesla," Seeker sighs, then pausing in a little bit of surprise when he sees the calm acceptance by the two other elves.

Both Fred and Astra weren't surprised that something like that happened to Seeker and Torres. Going against one as powerful as Tesla was generally considered to be not conducive to a long...happy life. As for the mater of reincarnation, both had heard things about it.....but like most people they just knew that the reality of it was just another point to ask about when they ACTUALLY got to go see who their actual creator was (Terans knew empirically that there was an afterlife...but nobody had been able to track down the burning question of....Which religion was correct!

They put that aside as Seeker speaks again.

"I must say you two seem to be taking this all very well," Seeker says. "Then again, from the knowledge I gained in becoming an elf tells me that elves in general have a knack at ferreting out the difference between falsehoods and reality. Better connection with reality and all that."

"Oh, is that's what's happening?" Fred asks, suddenly curious. "How come that's happening, since we weren't elves before all this. I'd think that you'd have to be born an elf to have the mystical senses of one. I might wear an elfin body, but I'd think that that would hardly be enough."

"Well, the way I figure it from what you and Astra told me that it's of a similar nature as something a strange humanoid bear mage told me," Seeker said. "See, he said that those who's Matrix....some type of magical interface between a person's soul and the physical realm....and something like the template that shapes a person's form to what he has..... Anyway, if you'd change the Matrix by altering it....say by inducing a lycanthropy shard into the mix....the Matrix would change. Since the Matrix is something of an interface between the physical world and the metaphysical world....the signals one gets through it would change. You'd even get new senses out of the deal....such as you and Astra are getting now. He also said that trying to resist the demands was a bad idea....risking insanity and such."

"Well, I don't find anything about this to be too objectionable," Fred muttered. "In fact, I rather like some aspects of it, so I'm not adverse to keeping my sanity."

"But what I'm curious about those lycanthropy shards," Fred puts in, puzzled. "I only know of the legend of lycanthropy....."

So Fred tells what he knows about his worlds version of lycanthropy. It was the curse of the Ergot mushroom (as what was told in episode 3099). The tales said that the mushrooms were brought to her homeland by gypsies, who ate them habitually. Eventually, local folk took to eating them, and a terrible fact was discovered. There was a curious taint to the Ergot, that the gypsies were apparently immune to. When eaten, it infected one with a disease of the blood, a curse. It transformed them into strange wolflike reflections of themselves when the moon was full. Savage, bestial things, that killed, yet walked on two legs.

Astra, having never heard this tale, look on with some interest (and an eerie feeling of....oddness about it all). She shakes it off, for Seeker was telling how, in this other world the Dark Mage Tesla had concocted a magical curse in an attempt to keep his subjects in line. The threat had been ignored, and the mage released it on his enemies. It proved to have been too contagious, so in a fit of anger he destroyed Atlantis like a spoiled child would destroy his toys.

"All in all an interesting diversion, but lets get down to it," Seeker said, clapping his in resolve before returning to the topic. "Short and sweet, I was a construct similar to a golem, but I was science based as opposed to magic based. Now, to be honest, I worked with an organization that I had grave doubts about in the first few months into my Awakening...that's where I changed from a mere automation into a real person, folks.....I found that the partners that the Military worked with in concert to save humanity from the Enemy to be greedy....vile and generally not a nice group of folks. The Company, these partners, are like a huge Merchant House, so powerful that they control governments.....economies....everything. They have made my world something of a living hell all in the name of profit.....and the Military want them to change their tune....actually do some good for the masses....even to the point of open combat if needed. Fine and well, if we weren't fighting a war with an opponent that made redressing the issue of Home impossible to resolve properly. I'd wanted to not see the bloodshed that a military solution would bring about, so when I was approached by a faction within the Company who seemed to share the same ideals that I liked, I almost did the stupid thing and joined in conspiracy against the Military....but I got my head out of my ass and saw them for the blighters that they were. "Then, after I let them rot....I came to the conclusion that terrible though the military solution to this problem would was the only way. The Company is too entrenched and only force will get them out."

"Thus throwing out evil men, huh?" Astra said softly. "Sounds like you had a crisis of faith....and at such an early age (that said in a half joking voice)."

"Yep," Seeker sighed. "And since you know what happened to this other Terra when I told you about those weapons of mass destruction...and how we nuked that Terra so the Enemy couldn't use it let me tell you what happened next. We drop the super atomic, and not only vaporize Terra....but something leapt out and ensnared me...dumping my ship....the body my mind resided the middle of Nod...wondering where the heck I was. I couldn't jump out....and sensors told me that trying to go to warp....the ship's top speed....would be disastrous....collapse the whole reality around me."

"Did....that kill Tesla?" Astra asked, suddenly seeing a faint hope. Seeker's and Stra's nod nearly made her heart leap out of her chest in well as it did Fred.

Frankly, Tesla was a living (actually undead) nightmare. A bogeyman that mothers use to keep naughty children in line with....telling to be good or Tesla would get them. The fact that Tesla was dead (for it was a well known fact that one could divine the status of a magic item's creator....and that is what Torres had been).....

  1. The mood was infectious, and thus was the reason why their elfin senses failed to detect at the last second Elf Death's bounding leap that bowled over Astra......and began to lick Astra's face like mad!

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