An Elfin Introduction!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7365

"Who ARE you guys?" Astra asks, panting as she moves her long red hair out of her eyes. "What happened back there?"

"The nature of the Forest rose up and struck, Astra," Fred said quietly. "I just hope to God that we weren't in there for decades!"

"We'll find out soon," Torres says, brushing Seeker's hand before handing Astra the outfit and equipment that appears to have been made for her. "Right now, how about we all just sit a bit and get to know one another?"

A calm approach always worked for Captain Janeway...and I think it's called for here, she smiles to herself.

She wasn't who she had been, but she knew who she'd like to be.

Old Klingon urges were with herself (that seemed to indicate to her that her Klingon heritage of....aggressive behavior might not be all biological in nature). However, Torres wanted to move away from being just a mere copy of the person she was to imitate....and become her OWN person.

This was a first step down that long road.

And from the quick glance that Seeker gave her gave her hope that he'd be going down that road together with her!

The others nod, stopping long enough for Astra to change into more practical clothing (dresses are nice...but not the thinig for deep wood travel. Soon the elves are all wearing proper foot atire and clothing.

The sun is rising (since the night had almost been over anyway....) when the newly outfited elves return to the group.

So, as a large wolf is approaching silently (and undetected)......

  1. Astra had already begun with her tale.....

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