The Warg Called Elf Death

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7331

And while Astra is looking around....

The monsterous female wolf who had been named Elf Death after her rider had named her for her silent stalking and killing of one of the Orcs' more annoying enemy races pants happily after feeding on some rather succulent rabbits (well away from her new little masters....for she somehow knew that such would frighten them terribly...and doing ANYTHING that wouldn't please her masters would be impossible for the wolf.

Elf Death then pauses in her route back to her charges....and the female human that had birthed them (nice enough for a human....and if her masters said that she was good then Astra was good in Elf Death's book). Something is strange! It's not the strange nature of this area she had fled to with her little masters in's a high.....hauntingly familiar voice she hears coming from a dim cluster of trees.

It sounds like the mother who whelp those heavenly little one's who Elf Death's lupine heart now belong to....but it was much higher pitched. It elfin voice?

The old Elf Death would have growled and leapte in, ready to tear the throat out of the owner of that voice. However, almost all of the her more aggressive instincts have been scrambled and rewired.....rewired to be a gentle and loving play thing for Astra 4's infants! Therefore, a silly lupine grin plasters itself on the magically charmed wolf, and the female silently stalks closer....for a little play.

  1. AS Elf Death's tail wags a bit in excitment....the new elves are talking about who they are....and what happened to them up to this point.

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