How time flies!

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7344

"Who are you and what happened?" Fred begins to ask as he and Astra get unsteadily to their bare feet.

Seeker smiles and is about to answer (along with a few questions of his own) when things start to go screwy....again!

An overwhelming sense of wrongness that had been nibbling at each of the new elves minds grows a thousand fold!

All gape in fear as the forest grows light.... Dark ....light ...dark light dark light dark......

Seeker spots the source of the stroboscopic effect, and groans in fear! He sees through a break in the trees a golden blur....that he knows just HAS to be the Sun.

" speeding up!" he shouts to the confused elves. "Get over that border NOW!"

Seeker points to a shimmering line that seems to be a separation between where the normal world ends and this accursed forest begins!

Astra and Fred, not bothering to question the validity of Seeker's claim, run as quickly as their bare feet can take them!

Seeker and Torres, seeing the bare feet, get the idea that the extra gear was somehow for these other elves, and grab it all up in a bundle and dash after the fleeing elves. The barefoot elves are a little slower than their boot clad cousins, so it's just a matter of timing as.....all four elves cross the boundary at the same time!

  1. With elven hearts beating wildly with the elfin equivalent of adrenaline, the four new elves look around. It is night, but by the feel and look of the color of the's much later in the year than the woods they'd just fled.

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