The search for the literate

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 729

The bear and you set off outside of the cave in search of someone who can read. Heading back in the direction from whence you came, you walk into a forest. Night quickly falls, and you discover that you're not entirely certain which way you're going. The bear notices your uncertainty and offers, "Don't worry buddy, I've been a bear long enough to know my way around this place. Do you trust me?"

  1. You have total faith in your newfound friend, and go in the direction he suggests.
  2. You say, "No way!" and lunge at him with your sword.
  3. You dart your eyes around and say, "Sure, I believe you... why don't we stop for a rest?" and secretly plan to get him while he's asleep.
  4. You decide you've had enough and try to find your way on your own.

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7/7/1999 7:48:44 PM

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