the Bear trap

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 2650

The bear twitched it's large nose and began tromping off towards the sunset. Walking west, in this way, Fred and the transformed drunk reach a clearing by about midnight.

"I'm tired," complained Fred. He was beat from the initial journey to the Southern Caves and this forest-traveling was beginning to really affect him.

"Don't worry buddy," answered the bear. "Just trust little old Bruno. He'll take care of you, real good."

Fred didn't like the sound of that and wondered at the true intentions of the bear. He wondered at why he was traipsing about the forest in the middle of the night. He wondered why there was no sound - no chirp, crick, snip or brip- no sound except for their own footfalls. He wondered how in the world they were going to find an intelligent person in the depths of the woods who could read the arcane words of the dragon-book. He wondered if the bear wasn't actually leading him into a trap.

His ponderings came a bit too late, for even as the idea of betrayal entered into Lord Fred's head, a twig was snapped from behind him and before he had the chance to react, a sack was pulled over his head!

  1. Betrayed!!!

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7/8/1999 9:20:11 AM

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