The force is now in bottled form...

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7262

"We will partake in your genie,this knowledge is vital to our misson.""The names Jenitalia.."she smirks,sitting crosslegged on the caves floor.."come you must form a circle around me for the potion to work,to keep the cycle of life pure"You both crouch to the floor on oppisite sides of Jenitalia."Frank!You will be the 1st to drink!" "Fred..the..uh.. names Fred.""Frank!"she shouts again "DRINK!"You hold your hand out and take the vial,which begins to vibrate and shimmer from your touch."Ahh...Jentalia moans in somewhat of a trance,"he is the one"Carefully lifting the crystal top,you bring the vial to your lips and sip,the liquid inside is cool and bubbly,you can feel the sparkles going down your throat.Your head is getting heavy ,you eyes getting droopy.You struggle to stay consious,but to no avail.Well you needed a nap anyway....and then,just when you thought you were cascading strait into sleeply land,you awaken.You are in a vast field,one that feels vaguely familar.Rows upon rows of morning glories surround you growing on hills of the richest ,greenest grass you have ever seen.Up in the distance is a small cottage,slightly worn but comfortable looking nonetheless.You hear a voice to the right of you,giggling,it is the genie."Where ,where are we?"you whisper in awe."Ahh how soon they forget,you are at your boyhood home."You nodd in recogntion "Yes.. we are""Some of the anwers are hidden here Frank," "Fred." you interuppt. "Where do you wish to start?"

  1. with leaps and bounds you hurdle yourself to the cottage knowing mommy awaits
  2. run left into the field of morning glories
  3. run right,into the forest

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