"A little grumpy since some one was shouting.."

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7217

answered the blue genie after you ask her how she's feeling,"but still ready to help what seems to be the the problem?"You step foward and once again,in the mostpowerful voice you can muster,begin "We are here to slay the most evil of dragons..and oh yeah, protect the human race ,something along those lines..."She eyes you over and smiles.."so you are the one they have phrophesed about.....Frank is your name?""Fred..the names Fred"..."Close enough," she laughs and takes your hand in hers "we have been waiting a long time for you Frank...come!you and your friend must take a sip of my meditation potion!"She pulls a small vial of sparkling blue liquid from the turban upon her head,"And with this,we will find some..but not all,of the powers needed to help you on your quest..."

  1. sit and have a drink with a beautiful woman and beautiful genie?SURE !!!
  2. Momma told me not to take candy from strangers...and you're pretty strange.......

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1/30/2000 6:42:10 PM

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