"our lord who art in heaven thank you..."

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7213

You scream,clasping you hands in prayer."Settle down,Fred" she whispers,her black eyes glittering like two moonlit pools,"the genies at the end of the cave hate to be shouted into awareness!""But..uh..you...uh"you stammer, a blush rising."I know, I'm a woman..well you choose it..you shouldn't be surprised silly!""now give some clothes!"You peel off some of your own clothes,and allow her to dress.Although this time,you are not so knightly and peek occasionally."Now," you decree in a manly voice,"tell me of these genies of which you speak!""Well there's point in telling you here they are now."she says rolling her eyes.In the corner you notice three glowing lamps,each a different color,one blue,one red,and one violet.Smoke imits from each,slowly transforming into a solid form.....

  1. you immediatley talk to the blue genie
  2. ditto but with the red genie
  3. you guessed it, you chat with the vilolet genie
  4. talk all three of them into making the 1st ever human Twister board

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1/29/2000 3:49:03 PM

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