The Never Ending Quest - Episode 628

sounds good enough to me...I always was a little lazy"mused Sir Paulito,"maybe we'll go down in history".You chuckle..."Yeah and maybe somebody will make a song out of my epitaph."Both of you share a full belly laugh,and continue into the bowles of the cave.You notice the shaft of the cave is getting thinner and thinner,making it difficult for you and the heavily robed Sir Paulito to walk side by side.With the politeness of any good knight, you ask gingerly if he would mind removing some of his thick velvet robes.Sir Paulito looks down,and with a flaying swoop,peals off all of his attire,reavling, to your very animated surprise....

  1. the hottest little midevial momma since guinvere...
  2. smiling gnomes stacked upon one another
  3. a smirking,tan,ready for action David Hasslehoff
  4. a bloated,pale,not so ready for action,Sir Paulito

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1/29/2000 3:27:13 PM

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