Morning Glories Morning Glories gone so fast.....

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7265

Filled with an uncertain glee you head into the abundant morning glories that bloom around you.The rambunxious spirit that you had as a child floods your adult being,and you begin to jump,reaching for the brilliant sun in the sky."This hardly feels like a hurrendous quest!"you shout to none in pitcular."This is FUUUUNNN!!""Remember, " the blue genie says with a tone of foreboading,"you are not a child anymore Sir Frank.""FRED!" you beem, "FRED FRED FRED you ole meanie genie!" This unexpected taste of poetic "genius" send you into peals of laughter to which you begin to roll in the morning glories,crushing not only petals..but the fairie kingdom that lives within them.From the corner of your eye you see the " old meanie genie" shaking her head vheemtly. "YOU STUPID MORTAL IDIOT!"she screams so loudly ,it seems to shake the trees "Those little crunching sounds were fairies!""Knowledgeable,noble,magical fairies,they were here to help you!" "Also,I am a decendent of them!,and now by the code of all things magical and fairie like ..I must KILL YOU!!!!" Suddenly there is a fire in her eyes and the sky begins to turn black,lifting an aquamarine sword from her multi- tiered turban she shouts "FRANK!KILLER OF THE FAIRIES YOU SHALL...NOW.... DIE!" in this sad turn of events you...

  1. die.
  2. die.
  3. realize "Hey,I'm not Frank and technichally,she thinks Frank killed the hey,I can't real..lll..y...(cough,cough) die right?Right?RIGHT?? [insert taps playing in backround] HEY!! UM Sir FRED! over here...(cough)Hey what's this red stuff?

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2/9/2000 10:19:17 PM

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