The Warrior Woman and the Wardrobe

The Never Ending Quest - Episode 72144

The elegant Victorian wardrobe, unlike anything Astra had ever seen before, had definitely not been here a few moments ago. It seemed to be a wardrobe, but she had the feeling that nothing in this room--not the ugly sofas, not the boxed food, not the staricase--was quite what it seemed. So she cautiously opened the wardrobe, and inside she saw:

  1. Nothing more than a rack with old clothes hung on it. Astra sighed. At least she had some clothes now, not that there was anyone here to see her naked.
  2. A rack with old clothes hung on it. But in the deep darkness of the wardrobe Astra saw a light in the distance...
  3. Josh Burbank, chained naked to a wall.
  4. Archimedes, the superintelligent and vicious koala, who had somehow survived the recent destruction and re-creation of the universe. (72000)

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