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The Never Ending Quest - Episode 72007

"Loneliness can't be all bad," Princess Astra told herself. In the past months she had developed a habit of lecturing herself out loud. "After all, being alone means that I don't have to worry that this room has provided me with all the necessities of life with the notable exception of any clothes."

She began to pace again, still feeling lonely. She didn't understand the comfortable - but hideously patterned - tie-dyed sofas lining the room, or the boxed food in the corner, or the strangely inaccessible spiral staircase plunging through the ceiling and floor. She had wondered a couple of thousand times what she was doing here -- but who was counting?

Astra sighed, shook her head, and...

  1. looked up the staircase, trying to guess how she'd arrived here (for she had no memory of that).
  2. looked down the staircase, pondering how to get out.
  3. then noticed a wardrobe that she was sure hadn't been there before.
  4. looked down at her now somewhat obese body. Four months of eating the fat-laden boxed food had taken a heavy (ha-ha) toll.

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JH (I felt it would be too boring just to reproduce Game 3, Episode 2 with no changes)

12/12/2007 1:25:52 PM

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