The Never Ending Quest - Episode 7086

And now, we switch scenes....


Fred, confused, finds himself galloping for all he's worth away from a large band of green humanoid creatures armed with a motley collection of weapons.

His quiver of arrows is empty, and he sees that there are many of the green creatures in question clutching at various wounds that have arrows sprouting from them!

The really scary part to the dragon slayer cum centaur was...HE DIDN'T REMEMBER FIRING THE ARROWS!

In fact, the last thing he remembers was rushing for the exit to the cavern...(re: 1628 and 7084).

"And what in the name that's holy are orcs...?" Fred asks himself as he disappears into the forest, only to have the world go vague...and then dark...again for him.


Fred looked around wild eyed and confused.

It was night time, and there was a mural of stars plastered across the heavens from what Fred could see throw the canopy of tall trees around him.

Right before him was a small, well build campfire with a roasting section of meat, deer by the smell of it, cooking merrily away over the flaming fire.

That bothered the noble knight greatly, for the last memory he recalled was that of running from a mass of ravening orcs.

What was MORE worrisome in the extreme was the large edifice - somehow looking melted in this dim light - before him!

"What in the name of God happened to Castle D'Honaire!?!" he bellowed to nobody in particular.


Ravenmane looked around at his surroundings, and sighed.

The strangeness had begun the moment he had awoken in the bowels of the stony mountains to the south of the lands he now galloped upon. It had continued when he found himself, in want of a direction to go, drawn to the lands of this half melted human defense/living dwelling.

It's a castle. his mind dredged up from parts uknown.

Ravenmane shook his main of jet black hair, his namesake, in confusion. He had no idea HOW he knew the things he did. He just...knew.

"Perhaps it has something to do with several of those spells I suffered with the Orcen filth and that first night here?" Ravenmane asked himself in his birth tongue - Centaurian - pondering.

The centaur sighs again, conceding that - for the moment - he still was without answers.

He put it in the pile of questions that he'd already gathered upon awaking that first day, a few months ago.

Some he'd been able to answer quickly, much to his relief. Some, like the question "Who am I?" had been answered in a fashion when he'd named himself for the dark coloration of what graced his head and humanoid back. That hadn't totally satisfied him, but for now it would serve.

The question of "Where is home?" had, at first, been answered by an urgent need to return to this rough place...near the ruins of this castle.. Initially, he'd felt a sense of it being right that he was here. It seemed like he'd somehow returned to the place that he had been foaled, and for the first day...he'd been truly happy.

Then, that feeling of rightness had faded after an episode of blankness on the first night near the castle. It was replaced by a growing sense of "wrongness" in the air. Ravenmane was beginning to doubt to as to whether or not that this strange land that humans had touched (and had apparently abandoned...for where were they now?)...was not where he'd find the Herd he'd spend the rest of his days with.

Ravenmane sighed again, acknowledging the chance that he'd have to do without the comforting Oneness of the Herd for a bit longer, perhaps.

Centaurs, like their equine cousin's, the horse, were a social group by instinct. Born with a need to gather together in large groups, Herds, along with a racial memory that gifted them with the skills for hunting game, living off the land in such a way that didn't burden it, and the instinctive knowledge of their language...that made up the heritage that was Ravenmane's lot in life.

"Tommorow I shall break camp and head elsewhere...though by the Mother of Horses...I know not where." Ravenmane sighed as he gathered up his newly made flint tipped arrows. "First, need be that I must gather supplies for this journey..."

Centaurs ate less than their massive frame hinted at, but still they needed a large amount of food to keep going and healthy. This hunt would gather needed meat to go along with the herbs and nuts he'd scrounged from nearby plants and trees for the journey, tomorrow.

  1. An hour later, Fate seemed to finally smile upon Ravenmane as he spied a fox out and about. Not the best of game, but the canine meat would do.

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